We hope you and your family love the great outdoors. It’s healthy to get outside and soak up vitamin D, from going skiing to letting the kiddos carry out a snowball fight in the backyard. But what about when you want to bond with your family over an outdoor-esque activity and it’s just too darned cold? Bundling everyone up can be quite a chore and some days you just need a break. Here are some ways to bring the outdoors in, so the kids don’t get cabin fever and you don’t get frostbite!


S’mores on the Stove

You don’t need a campfire to roast marshmallows- a stove will suffice!  Get some long skewers and some large marshmallows. Then, complete your toasty mellows with all the makings of a perfect s’more: graham crackers and chocolate. You can do the same over a wood fireplace! Just make sure your kids don’t ask for “s’more please” without adult supervision.


Camp out in the Living Room

Build a fort out of pillows or pitch a tent in your living room. As adults, we probably cherish our warm beds. But there is something exciting to kids about sleeping outside of their bedroom. They can camp without trading pajamas for a parka!



When you’re missing the outdoors, planting some potted indoor plants can take you back to spring. And it’s an activity for the whole family! From small houseplants to herbs, all you need is a windowsill with just the right amount of sunlight to grow a mini garden. And those fresh herbs will be perfect in a warm, winter day soup.


Use Your Basement

If your basement is unfinished and lying vacant, it might make for an ideal play area. Basements can be perfect for wheel-related activities!  Bring your bike or rollerblades down to the basement, move a few things out of the way if you need to clear some space, and get going! Again, we certainly don’t suggest this if you’ve redone your basement floors, but it may just remove the kids’ winter bike blues.


Have a Picnic

Grab a blanket, make a sandwich, and pop open a bottle of wine. (if this is an adult picnic) There is something so primally awesome about eating on the floor. Whether for date night or to get the kiddos to eat a nutritious lunch, packing up a picnic basket and ditching the table while staying in the warmth of your home can be a great deal of fun.


At Christy Sports, we’re all about getting outside to play, but sometimes the winter weather just calls for spending the day indoors. Try these indoor activities to curb cabin fever with your family!