Pendleton Sunbrella Collaboration

The iconic Pendleton Brand, known for its distinct patterns and incredible textiles, has now partnered with two leaders in the outdoor industry, Sunbrella and OW Lee, to create a truly inspired collection of furniture. The fabrics feature colors and patterns that are unmatched in the industry. The elevated design offers a seamless connection from campfire to comfort and is in perfect harmony with the Colorado home. The entire collection is meticulously curated to give your outdoor space a rustic, rich Steamboat ranch appeal, with brands that have stood the test of time and have reputations that are proven to give you quality and style.

With 70 years of experience in the outdoor market and American-made furniture, OW Lee is proud to introduce a fresh new collection, born from the idea of bringing three heritage brands together: Pendleton Woolen Mills’ distinct aesthetic look, Sunbrella’s enduring performance fabrics, and of course, OW Lee’s quality outdoor craftsmanship. The result of this collaboration partnership is a collection of products that fully encompass the rich artisan heritage of three tried and true, iconic American brands.

Heritage Comfort & Beauty by Pendleton

Pendleton is one of the most reputable designers of high quality tweed, flannel, and worsted wool apparel. The brand specializes in Native American-inspired designs, specifically the Pendleton Trade blanket – a benchmark for beauty and quality for over 100 years. Family-owned and operated for more than six generations, Pendleton Woolen Mills continues operation today. Now, through collaboration with OW Lee, the two have partnered with Sunbrella, another most recognized name in the industry.

Pendelton patio pillows

Trusted Fabrics by Sunbrella

One of the most trusted performance fabrics in the world, Sunbrella makes outdoor textiles that last. Combining unmatched durability with fine pattern definition, Sunbrella fabrics are not only fade resistant and easy to clean with simple soap and water, but they are also as soft and comforting as they are beautiful. Unlike ordinary fabrics in which dyes are added to the surface of the yarn or fabric and the color only penetrates the outer layer and washes out or fades away over time, high performance, UV stabilized pigments are added during the production of fade-resistant Sunbrella fiber. This gives the yarn and fabric color throughout that won’t fade or wash away. Such unparalleled performance can handle almost any climate, making Sunbrella products perfect for the outdoor elements of Colorado.

Pendleton and Sunbrella at Christy Sports

OW Lee Brings Collaboration to Life

OW Lee is bringing the collaboration of these epic brands to life on showroom floors. OW Lee’s vision was then to bring together its own unique quality outdoor craftsmanship with two best in class brands:  Pendleton, known for its quality, craftsmanship, and design history deeply rooted in American heritage; and Sunbrella, a pioneer and leader in the textile industry with an established brand built on quality and performance. Together, the collection celebrates the history and strength of both brands, combining the distinct Pendleton aesthetics with the enduring performance qualities of Sunbrella fabrics.

Find the Pendleton & Sunbrella Collaboration at Christy Sports

And now, Christy Sports Patio is bringing that collection into our customers’ homes. Currently, in our Park Meadows outdoor patio design center, Christy Sports is featuring the OW Lee Classico Pendleton Collection. This soft and subtle classic comes in two fabrics – Diamond River Fawn and Ombre Stripe Sandstone. Other piece-specific highlights are in the Monterra collection and include the Monterra Chair in Zapotec Adobe fabric and the Mini Monterra Swivel Rocker in Mountain Majesty Americana fabric. These distinctly unique Native American-inspired designs are also available at other select Christy Sports outdoor patio locations.