Patio Furniture tips for your mountain home from Christy Sports.

Tips for Decoration Your Mountain Home Patio:

  1. Choose Sturdy Outdoor Materials

When it comes to revamping your mountain rental or getaway, your outdoor space is a crucial piece. And when shopping your patio furniture make no mistake, all outdoor furniture materials are not created equal!  Some setups are better suited to withstand the harsh and variable weather found in the Rockies. Here are some materials you should look for when shopping around for your mountain home:

Wood:Mountain home patio

  • Has the perfect look and feel for a mountain home.
  • Stronger UV rays will even patina wood to give it that perfect rustic ambiance
  • Doesn’t need to be covered and can chill out in the elements year-round
  • Heavier and not phased by gusts of heavy winds


  • Same wood look & rustic feel with less maintenance
  • Heavy and durable to withstand variable weather
  • Doesn’t need to be covered
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used year-round, even in the mountains

Aluminum:PolyWood Chair from Christy Sports

  • Heavy and sturdy
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Features intricate and ornate designs
  • Comes in both cushion and sling options for comfortable seating
  • Easy to keep clean
  1. Light a Fire (pit)

Being in the mountains sort of feels synonymous with cozying up by a fire no matter the time of year, but especially when it’s chilly outside. And having a fire pit or heater on your patio can set your place apart from other rental properties on the block. Propane fire pits are the safest options for enjoying fires in a mountain home/getaway.

Shop fire pits at Christy Sports.

  1. Grab an Umbrella

There’s a lot of precipitation in The Rockies, so don’t dash inside due to a light sprinkle. Conversely, keep the strong sun from forcing you inside when all you want to do is enjoy the fresh air. As an added bonus, umbrellas can add a fun splash of color to your patio with an array of fade-resistant materials.

Patio umbrellas from Christy Sports

Shop umbrellas at Christy Sports.

  1. Protect Your Purchase

Patio furniture covers are useful during off-season as well as in the thick of patio season. They allow you to sip that first cup of coffee sitting in the morning sun, without having to clean off the morning dew that accumulates in seats. Covers keep fine dust and dirt off furniture if gone for a long week as well as cushions and furniture dry during the afternoon rain storm and ready for use. Cushion boxes are great for off-season storage. Covers are the best thing to keep your investment looking its best for a the life of the furniture!

Shop patio furniture covers at Christy Sports.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Your Rental Property

Don’t go cheap, just because you are afraid that the renters are going to destroy it. Collections by  Kettler, Lloyd Flanders , Poly-wood, Jensen leisure and several others are all made for heavy use can be something that both you are your renters can enjoy.

Our New Patio Showroom in Summit County

If you own a vacation home or a year-round dwelling up in Summit County, we’ve got you covered. (literally with umbrellas and much more!) Whether it’s a new purchase or your outdoor look feels a little stale and you want to create an oasis under the sun, Summit County has never seen a patio showroom quite like this. Our new Dillon patio showroom is over 17,000 square feet of beautiful patio furniture & accessories complete with outstanding service from our Summit County team. Visit us this season!