To build or to buy your fire pit from Christy Sports?

Backyard fire pits are fun and festive, adding that “welcome” touch to any summer backyard gathering. Maybe you’re considering building your own fire pit to save a buck or two. Perhaps you want your own unique custom patio fire pit or just don’t like shopping and the hassle of delivery and installation. To build your own fire pit or to buy from a professional? That becomes the ultimate question.

Before you consider building a homemade fire pit, check out some of the benefits of purchasing one.

Benefits of Purchasing a Fire Pit

Propane Gas

Most of the fire pits we carry are propane gas fire pits and fire tables, which are ideal for homes in locations where open fire is restricted. They are also good for enclosed patio areas, where you don’t want a lot of smoke to build up.

Spice Up Your Décor

Gas fire pits come in a variety of styles and can be further customized with glass stones or lava rocks. Add ambiance to your patio dining area with a fire pit table. Fire pit tables are dining height, making them ideal for dining spaces and dinner parties. They’re a great way to keep the entertainment going into the cooler nights!

Shut it Down

Another benefit to propane fire pits is shutting them off once you’re done enjoying them, rather than having to wait for the fire to burn out as you would with a wood burning fire pit.

Move it Around

Many fire pits and tables are also moveable, rather than “built-in” like many fire pit kits you would purchase from the local lumber/hardware store. Meaning, you can move it from place to place if you should need to rearrange your patio area or if you should move and want to take the fire pit with you.

Building Your Own Fire Pit – The Pitfalls

You can always build your own homemade fire pit by purchasing a kit from your local retailer. Most of these kits are built into the ground or are on pavers and cannot be moved – well, without tearing up the ground / surface area. In addition, most fire pit kits consist of only stone bricks and a metal ring insert, and burn only wood. Homemade fire pit kits can be more dangerous as they are primarily open pits, which are obviously not ideal for residences where open fire is restricted.

You must wait until the fire is completely extinguished before leaving it unattended. Often times, we think the fire is out, but underlying embers may still be burning and could spark up any time, especially with a gentle breeze. If not built properly – concrete adhesive or mortar not secured properly or dried completely – may result in a weak integrity to the retaining wall, which could fall during a lit fire.

Patio Outdoor Fire Pit

Buying a Fire Pit from Christy Sports

Besides quality brand names and products, buying a complete fire pit / fire table from Christy Sports comes with some pretty awesome services. These include:

  • Free Consultation: Let our team of in-store experts guide you through the entire process – from selecting just the right fire pit that best optimizes your outdoor space to delivery and installation.
  • Special Ordering: For those looking for that unique, custom patio fire pit, never fear, Christy Sports offers our Special Ordering program to find that perfect patio fire pit that’s just right for you.

TIP:  Keep in mind, Special Orders do take a little longer to arrive, but are well worth the wait, and all our custom fire pits will last for years.

  • Delivery & Installation: Take the stress and hassle out of delivery and installation with our white glove delivery service. Once installing your fire pit exactly where you want it in your outdoor living area, our team can give you an on-site review of additional product features to make the most of your new investment all year long.

TIP:  PLEASE NOTE –   When purchasing a gas fire pit from Christy Sports, you will need a professional to hook up the proper gas lines. While our team is not qualified to deal with gas lines, we can offer some great referrals.

  • Manufacture Warranty: Purchasing through Christy Sports allows you to warranty through the manufacturer, unlike fire pit kits purchased from a retailer. Most of these do not come with a warranty, and if they do, it may be limited by either the retailer or manufacturer.

There’s nothing like adding some heat to your outdoor space. Whether it’s for warmth or pure ambiance, Christy Sports has the fire pit selection for you! With 14 outdoor patio showrooms across Colorado and Utah, Christy Sports offers a wide variety of fire pits and fire tables from some of the top brand names around including Homecrest, Castelle, Hanamint, Sunvilla, and O.W. Lee. With names like these, you know you are getting the best in quality products and services – and yes, even that special, one-of-a-kind custom build.