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Meals concocted on the grill are practically synonymous with summer. It seems no patio set-up is complete without plated hot dogs or burgers perched on the patio table on those warm summer nights. Here’s your chance to make the most of your backyard bashes. Christy Sports is helping outdoor entertainers build the perfect backyard for creating memories with friends and family.

Seat your guests on high-quality, comfortable, and visually appealing outdoor furniture. Shade them with umbrellas during the day and warm them with a fire pit at night. What’s left? Satiate your friends and family with food hot off the grill and you have a recipe for blown-away barbecue guests. A quality grill is a necessary summer staple and we know just the company to make your smoky dreams come true.

Napoleon Grills

Napoleon is a company built on more than just granting the ability to forge fall-off-the-bone ribs. Napoleon Grills promises over 30 years of rich history and a strong commitment to quality. We haven’t seen any case studies on this, but we’re guessing a grill manufacturer with that much experience leads to juicier burgers leaving your barbecue.

From the first wood stove to today’s grills with the latest state-of-the-art technology, Napoleon creates each and every grill “To inspire and enhance the most memorable experiences people enjoy in their homes.” Christy Sports and Napoleon agree that a grill is more than a grill. It’s a mechanism for bringing people together.

grill giveaway

Highlight: Napoleon Prestige 500

If you’re looking to get your backyard chef on, you’re going to want the total package. Enter a grill that can handle more than just the main course and find an entire kitchen under the sun. From sides to steaks, the stainless steel Prestige 500 will do more than act as décor alongside your patio furniture. Of course, I think we can all agree this is one good-looking appliance.

The Prestige 500 features 4 main burners, 1 infrared side burner, and 1 infrared rear burner, so create a feast or feed an army and let your culinary imagination run wild! This grill is durable enough to withstand rust and corrosion, and versatile to keep you enjoying the summer weather from prep to table. What’s hotter? If you’re a resident of Colorado or Utah, you can enter to win this sleek addition to any patio. Napoleon is helping Christy Sports customers create mouthwatering menus that lead to lasting outdoor memories.