Whether using an outdoor room for dining, lounging, or both; people everywhere are embracing the idea that comfortable and well-appointed decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces effectively add square footage to your home while creating a relaxing atmosphere. Because patio furniture is in such high demand, it is being produced all over the world which helps to bring a diversity of styles and trends to the marketplace. Although many manufacturers find overseas production to be more cost effective, there are a handful of companies making quality products here in the United States.

usa 2Labor costs are typically one of the driving factors that lead companies to ship jobs overseas, and while outsourcing can benefit the company’s bottom line, it can be detrimental to the local economy where they are relocating from. Meadowcraft, based out of Wadley Alabama, is a great example of how a small business can positively impact an area because they employ roughly half the town, making them an integral part of life in that community. Relocation of the manufacturing facility would surely devastate the local economy as well as uproot families, something that Meadowcraft is firmly against. Having so much invested in the town as well as the company, it is no wonder why Meadowcraft’s employees take such pride in their work and continually produce quality handmade patio furniture. Although the ‘Made in the USA’, slogan may sound like a simple marketing ploy to some people; manufacturing quality outdoor furniture is a way of life in Wadley Alabama.

usa3While not every outdoor furniture manufacturer in the USA is so deeply connected to the community, there are some companies that refuse to open overseas manufacturing facilities for other, equally important reasons. OW Lee, a family owned company which produces wrought iron and cast aluminum outdoor furniture was founded in California in 1947. Through three generations, the Lee family has been producing casual patio furniture in America, and their products are widely considered the best on the market. Taking a different approach to the family business model, OW Lee requires that all family members interested in working for the company must first finish college and then spend at least 4 years working for a different company.   Although this practice may seem strange to some, it is their way of ensuring a commitment to quality as well as the company’s core values. Today, the company, based in Ontario California, is dedicated to the same principles and techniques that have made OW Lee furniture an industry leader since 1947.

usa4Although there are people that don’t care where their patio furniture is made, many people find a certain level of satisfaction in supporting American companies. In addition to industry leaders like OW Lee, and Meadowcraft; Christy Sports also carries Homecrest, Tropitone, Woodard, Polywood, Ancient Mosaics, Hatteras Hammocks, and Pawley’s Island Hammocks. All of these companies are creating exceptional outdoor furniture right here in the USA, so if you are interested in learning more about American made furniture or just want to browse our selection, come in to any of our local showrooms and let us help you.