The idea of grilling likely sparks thoughts of fare such as juicy burgers, tender steaks, and mouth-watering brats. But what if we told you there’s a whole slew of edible items you’d never think of throwing on your grill- but should. Like, right away.

6 Foods You Should Be Grilling

  1. Peaches

Those of us residing in Colorado have the rare opportunity to sink our teeth into some of the best peaches in the country with our proximity to Palisade. But if you’re not also sinking some grill marks into them, you’re missing out. Tossing peaches on the grill draws out the juices and intensifies their sweetness. Even better, serve the grilled peaches alongside fish or pork for a wonderful sweet/ savory contrast. Check out this recipe from Big Green Egg, pairing grilled peaches with a favorite fish, salmon.

Planked Peach Salmon From Big Green Egg

Fun Fact: August is National Peach Month, so plan to grill up a recipe with this juicy fruit.

  1. Lettuce

Ok, not all types a lettuce will thrive on the grill. While we’re not suggesting you pour a bag of spinach out on your barbecue, if you have some romaine or iceberg lettuce laying around, don’t keep your cooking indoors tonight. These varieties better resist wilt at higher temps and taste incredible with a slight char. Saber provides the most classic grilled salad recipe with its Grilled Cesar Salad, then one to mix it up a bit.

Grilled Cesar Salad From Saber

Grilled Greek Salad From Saber

  1. Pizza

Yes, you read that correctly. Many claim pizza in its modern form is really more of an American adaptation of Italian food than a recipe reigning from Italy. What more American way to cook this family favorite than on the grill? The high heat and added smoky flavor make it the perfect appliance for preparing your pie. Worried about the raw dough seeping through the grates on your grill? Assuming your appliance is properly heated, the crust will become golden brown instead of on the ground. (or bottom of your bbq) Check out this recipe from Traeger. Because, can you really have too many cheeses on your pizza?

Grilled Quadruple Cheese Pizza From Traeger

  1. Artichokes

We’ve heard more than a few foodies proclaim they only eat artichokes for the melted butter that often accompanies them. But if you aren’t an artichoke advocate yet, trying them on the grill might just convert you. Artichokes are the best addition to your meal in Spring, during their peak season. This recipe from Big Green Egg features artichokes of the smaller variety, as baby artichokes will likely be the most tender. Try swapping out the traditional melted butter for some heavenly hollandaise.

Grilled Baby Artichokes with Hatch Chile Dusted Hollandaise from Big Green Egg

  1. French Toast

Need a reason to grill before 10 AM? Look no further than French toast as you heat up your grill whilst sipping your glass of orange juice. Grilling this breakfast crowd-pleaser is a simple way to produce crispy sides and fluffy centers, the perfect texture to devour beneath your favorite gooey maple syrup. Napoleon takes your toast to the next level with this recipe, stuffing it with fresh fruit and rich cream cheese.

Stuffed French Toast

  1. Desserts

Yes, your grill game can get even sweeter than breakfast. What’s a summer BBQ without a decadent desert to munch on after dinner? Transition seamlessly from grill master to pastry chef without even letting your grill cool. Since no one is ever too full for dessert, surprise dinner guests with cookies, pie, and even ice cream sur le grill. Check out some of these after-dinner delights courtesy of Napoleon Grills and let your grill satisfy your sweet tooth.

So there you have it. Need a new sizzling addition to your yard or patio this grilling season? Try whipping up one of these exotic recipes on a shiny new grill. Stop by one our patio showrooms in Colorado or Utah today.