Birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties – along with warmer weather, summer brings many reasons to celebrate! As a notable event draws near, you’re left with a choice of venues at which to throw your bash. If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard, reserving a table at a restaurant may not be the way to go. But don’t let the idea of transforming your yard into the perfect party place overwhelm you. To get you started, here are five tips for hosting a backyard bash:

Tips for Hosting a Backyard Party:

  1. Plan your menu around your grill.BGE_RibsVRack

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “too many cooks in the kitchen.” The kitchen can hold more cooks comfortably when the kitchen is in your yard. Not only can the ‘chef’ mingle with company rather than being isolated indoors, but a menu based on the barbeque can spell out pretty fantastic fare. Keep it casual with burgers and dogs, or spice it up with cedar planked salmon. Even your side dishes can sizzle on the grill. Either way, your grill is sure to assist with a mouthwatering menu.

  1. Soak up some sun, but be a little shady.

Backyard party umbrellasAllow guests to mingle while they enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D. Why waste the incredible weather summer has to offer by hiding indoors? Of course, you’ll want to provide your party-goers some shade in case they need a break from the rays or have small children and are trying to limit sun exposure. Add umbrellas over seating areas like tables and lounge chairs for shaded comfort.



  1. Light it up when the sun sets.Fire pit backyard party.

The addition of lights can double as both a means to dress up your outdoor space and a way to illuminate the faces of smiling guests. There are many ways to let there be light on your patio, big or small. String lights create a whimsical feel, whereas a fire pit doubles as both a light source and a means of heat for those occasionally chilly summer nights. Even add umbrella lights for a smart lighting solution! Outdoor lights create an upgraded atmosphere and ensure friends and family can watch where they’re walking.

  1. Offer ample seating.

Seating for backyard party.Whether math is your strong point or not, you can probably asses that 15 patio chairs to 30 guests is not a positive party ratio. Don’t leave half of your guests scrambling for a place to sit when their feet get weary. Your company will delight in lounging on a chaise or posting up at your dining set with a full plate of BBQ. If you feel like the furniture already sprinkled about your yard won’t be enough, consider adding some folding chairs for a quick and easy solution to getting guests off their feet.



  1. Play games.Games for backyard party.

As a backyard party host, you probably feel the need to keep everyone entertained. We don’t blame you! While keeping guests happy and setting the right mood will encourage ongoing conversations, why not add in some games to avoid any lull in the party action? From Giant Jenga to Bottle Bowling, there are dozens of DIY games you can create to keep the fun going into the night.


Become the perfect party host when you combine the sunshine Mother Nature provides all summer with some helpful hints. Feel excitement, not panic, when you notice a family birthday fast-approaching on the calendar. Surprise yourself with the desire to volunteer your backyard the next time a friend gets engaged. Looking for more advice? Let Christy Sports be your resource for all things patio in Colorado and Utah! Stop by one of our Christy Sports patio locations this summer and allow our friendly staff to share their tips and tricks on making your yard entertainment-ready.