5 Patio Plants That Can Withstand Winter Weather


Freezing temps don’t have to mean sacrificing patio décor. There are plants that can withstand the cold and snow. If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate that is sunny even throughout winter, like Utah or Colorado, you have even more options for winter foliage! Here are five of our favorite plants that can withstand winter conditions, perfect for decorating your patio in the colder months.


Potted Blue Spruce


Nothing says “Colorado” quite like the blue spruce. It is also one of the most iconic evergreens associated with holiday decorating so it’s perfect for your holiday festivities! Commonly raised as Christmas trees, blue spruces must have full sunlight to thrive and also require a lot of watering. If used as a potted accent, add a hole for proper drainage. It’s also recommended to lay a sponge directly over the drainage hole to help hold moisture.


Holly Bush


Hollies bring an eye-catching display of evergreen leaves that is often punctuated with bright red or gold berries, another plant perfect for getting in the holiday spirit when you step outside. Plant your holly bushes when it’s cool out- late fall or early winter- and watch them add pops of color to your patio. Just make sure they are basking in plenty of sunshine.



Japanese Maples


Japanese maples often have artistically shaped trunks. The branches on this shrub come into focus as winter arrives. Make sure to water your plants often in late fall up until the ground begins to freeze and, when removing snow accumulation, be gentle with their frozen branches so they do not snap. Avoid planting where snow or ice will slide off a rooftop and land on the crown of the tree.



Winter Jasmine


Jasminum nudiflorum (winter jasmine) is relatively easy to grow and maintain. With Chinese origins, it’s also named Yingchun in Chinese, which means “the flower that welcomes Spring” because its blossom peaks right after winter. Winter jasmine starts flowering in January, opening waxy yellow blooms to brighten up your garden in the coldest of months.



Cabbages and Kales


Kale and cabbage aren’t just for salads! Ornamental kale and cabbage are some of the most popular winter annual plants. These plants add unique variety to a winter landscape bed. Once the plants are hardened by cooler temperatures, they can survive even the chilliest of winters.



Wait for a sunnier day when the ground is not muddy or, of course, covered in snow to give your winter plants a home in your yard. Avoid a drab outdoor space even when the snow starts to fall. Get your winter green thumb ready and check out more winter-withstanding plants from HGTV!