Your Ski Helmet Won't Last Forever

Head, noggin, skull, cranium. No matter what you call it, the part of your anatomy that protects your brain is worth protecting. We’re happy to say that most skiers these days agree. According to the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) 83% of skiers and boarders now rock helmets compared with just 25% in the 2002-2003 season. So why are savvy skiers and boarders choosing to strap on a helmet? In addition to reducing the severity of head injuries, wearing a helmet while skiing and snowboarding will help:

  • Hold your goggles in place
  • Protect from the elements
  • Keep your head warm
  • Set a good example for young skiers and boarders

But how long will your ski helmet last? The short answer: not forever. That’s right, helmets expire. The inner shell deteriorates over time due to exposure to different elements, even your noggin sweat. In addition, your helmet can only sustain a single impact before the protection it provides is compromised. If you have a hard fall involving your dome and your helmet sustains even the most minor of dents or cracks, it’s time to shop for a new helmet.

Visually check your helmet often, (as often as every time you hit the slopes) it only takes a second. Even if you haven’t been subjected to any nasty spills and don’t see any noticeable damage, we recommend replacing your lid at least every six years. You may not be able to see the damage, so why risk it when it comes to your cranium? Of course, before you even worry about the number of seasons spent with your helmet, make sure you start with one that fits correctly. If you’re not sure which size is the prize, head into a local Christy Sports and let one of our pros help protect your head.

We’ll see you out there! (hopefully rocking a helmet)

How long do ski helmets last?