Have you ever experienced a less-than-stellar day out on the mountain? If you’ve hit the slopes more than a handful of times, the answer to this question is most likely “yes.” But we aren’t talking about bad weather, crowded lift lines, or slushy snow. We’re talking about your feet. A painful boot fit can quickly put a damper on the perfect ski day.

Your feet are your foundation. Choosing ski boots you want to wrap them in out on the mountain is one thing, making sure you’re comfortable for all day carving is another. There is a simple remedy to ski boot pain. Not all heroes wear capes and we want to introduce you to a few Christy Sports employees saving the day by way of your dogs.

These expert ski boot fitters are using their passion for spending time out on the slopes to ensure every customer that sits on their boot bench walks out ready to conquer the mountain comfortably.

Meet Our Expert Ski Boot Fitters

Meet Dan Quigley

Expert Ski Boot Fitter at Christy Sports in Boulder

Dan Quigley, expert boot fitter at Christy Sports.
Photo: Andy Cross, Denver Post

Dan was born and raised in a small town called Ashfield in Western Massachusetts. He moved out to Colorado to attend CU Boulder and, of course, to ski at some of the best ski resorts in the country. This is Dan’s 7th ski season working for Christy Sports and doing what he loves helping customers experience the utmost comfort out on the slopes.

Why is it important to get your ski boots fit?

D: Ski boots are by far your most important piece of equipment; they are the only piece in the system that has to properly fit your anatomy.  You can have a good day skiing on any ski but having the wrong boot can keep you off the hill, having the right boot will improve every aspect of your time on the hill.

Tell us your favorite mountain to ski/ board at and why?

D: Eldora is where I end up getting most of my on-hill time due to its proximity to where I live and work (Boulder). I can get there in about 30 minutes so it’s a great option for the times when I’m not trying to battle the hoards in the I-70 corridor and just want to get a quick half day in.  When I do head up to the bigger mountains I tend to spend most of my days at Loveland or Mary Jane, I love the variety of terrain that those two areas offer and the fairly consistent snow totals.

How should ski boots fit?

D: Ski boots should be as tight as you the user can deal with without being uncomfortable; this can be different for every skier depending on ability level, chosen terrain, anatomy and average number of days per season.  An experienced boot fitter will always ask you several questions on these subjects in order to get the information they need to start narrowing down fit and flex options for the skier.

What’s your favorite part about boot fitting?

D: The most rewarding aspect of boot fitting to me is having someone come back to me who has previously never had a properly fit boot and telling me how much their new boots have improved every aspect of skiing for them.  Anything I can do to make more people enjoy and improve upon the sport I love makes me happy. Skiing is supposed to be fun – don’t let a bad boot ruin your day!

Meet Tony AKA Squiggy

Expert Ski Boot Fitter at Christy Sports in Colorado Springs

Squiggy, expert boot fitter at Christy Sports

Squiggy moved to Colorado when he was 10 and his dad’s company caused his family to relocate. Learning to ski was tough, but one day while he was skiing with his brother at ski Broadmoor, he got off the lift and was linking his turns. He got better from there and started to explore Colorado resorts, namely Keystone and Copper Mountain. Copper is still one of his favorites. Squiggy gets raving reviews as one of the best Boot Fitters Christy Sports has the pleasure of employing.

How should ski boots fit?

S: Ski boots should fit like a good firm handshake not too lose or tight with minimum discomfort or none at all.  A good fitter can cancel those issues with heating and punching techniques.

When fitting a customer’s boots, where do you start?

S: Asking questions is key to the best fit. I like to start out by clarifying what type of skier the customer is. Then I ask questions like: What mountains do you like to ski and what types of runs? On average how many days of skiing do you get in? What are you looking for in a ski boot?

What is the best part about ski boot fitting?

S: The best part about boot fitting is the joy and happiness I bring to customers and selling them fun. Making the customer feel that they bought great value from Christy Sports and me.

Do you have a boot fitting story that sticks out in your mind?

S: My favorite ski story, happen last year when a younger lady came in to the store looking for new ski boots. I asked what type of boot she had been skiing on and she immediately pointed to a ski boot on the wall. She told me she just received it last year.  I knew it had to be new and just a simple adjustment. She told me where she bought them and I asked her if they showed her the bells and whistles of the boot such as the adjustments to make it fit better? I also asked if they heat molded the liner and if they did any work to the boot? She said no and didn’t know the boot had adjustments. She went outside to grab her boots from the car and she couldn’t get them on or around her calf. I did a few adjustments and buckle movements and heated up the instep and with the little magic she tried the boot on and I could tell instantaneously the boot was 10 times better. She cried some tears of joy and her husband thanked me and shook my hand. Although I did not sell her a boot that day, I made a family’s fun time in the mountains better.

Meet Jay Richey

Expert Ski Boot Fitter at Christy Sports in Littleton 

Jay Richey, expert boot fitter at Christy Sports.

Jay is a Colorado native, born at Lutheran hospital in Wheat Ridge, a suburb of Denver. Jay has worked for Christy Sports on and off for a dozen years and has spent the last 5 of those years getting his customers in the best ski boots for their feet.

Why is it important to get your ski boots fit?

J: Skiing is an activity that we all want to enjoy. If our feet are comfortable, it will only enable maximum amounts of fun. Happy feet… Happy Skiing!!!!

What’s your favorite mountain to ski at?

J: Skiing is like pizza, It’s ALL GOOD!!

What are the kinds of questions you ask customers when fitting their boots?

J: Basic questions to classify the customer first, what and where they ski. How many times a year they do ski…I try and talk about life and fun things. Kids, grand kids… Family. Vacations past and present. Learn about the person as well.

What’s your favorite part about boot fitting?

J: I know what skiing means to me. So, helping one enjoy the time that we as skiers get to have on the mountain, truly is  why I love bootfitting.

Can you recall your favorite ski day?

J: Any ski day is a favorite day in my book.

Meet Eric Garretson

Expert Ski Boot Fitter at Christy Sports in Littleton 

Eric Garretson, expert ski boot fitter at Christy Sports.

Eric is a 7th generation Coloradan, somewhat of a rarity nowadays with folks across the country discovering the endless perks of living in this amazing state. Eric grew up in Greeley, Colorado and has worked for Christy Sports for five years fitting ski boots.

You love skiing. What other outdoor activities do you like to do for fun?  

E: During summer I like to play a lot of golf, fish and hike.

What are the kinds of questions you ask customers when fitting their boots?  

E: Standard questions to get to know their skiing habits like how many days they ski, what type of terrain they ski on, and their level/ ability, how good they plan on being.

What’s your favorite part about boot fitting?

E: Getting it right, and making the customer feel like they got it right.

Tell us your favorite personal ski story?

E: It didn’t take place in snow, but I had the pleasure of flying home from The Snowsports Industries of America show in Vegas, sitting next to Billy Kidd, the former World Cup alpine ski racer and member of the U.S. Ski Team

These boot fitters, like all of our boot fitters, hold skiing close to their heart and are passionate about increasing their customers’ comfort out on the mountain. They are all avid skiers who believe in the difference ski boot fitting makes in their favorite recreational sport. We’ve introduced you to just a few of the amazing ski boot fitters in our Christy Sports family. Visit the boot wall at your local Christy Sports to find one of our pro boot fitters, standing by to help fit you and make sure this ski season is like no other!