Why We Love Spring Skiing

We’ve experienced quite the year for epic amounts of powder, so hitting the slopes right now might not even feel like it can be classified as “spring skiing.” But, alas, spring has sprung and we’re getting stoked to make turns in the months to come. Here’s why we think Spring Skiing is the bee’s knees:

The Weather

Spring is filled with bluebird days and sun kissed lift rides. Above freezing temps and clear skies make for a highly satisfying day of shredding, if you ask us. But beyond the wonderful weather, spring brings us to the slopes to enjoy



Since most skiers traveling from afar don’t plan their ski vacations for springtime, the lift lines are generally much shorter and the runs less crowded. While tourist traffic is crucial in supporting the resorts and ski areas we love, a locals-only feel can be fun in the months of April and May.


A less busy resort means less congested roads leading up to the mountains. Traffic on a powder- filled Saturday can be borderline unbearable. But enter the spring months and you’ll likely find the traffic lightening up significantly, even when the snow is still falling. A less painful commute to the slopes means a more enjoyable day of shredding.


There is something so freeing about not freezing while flying down the mountain in just a shell. While we aren’t suggesting stepping out in a bikini, especially in the instance of falling, wearing less layers and feeling lighter is awesome. Maybe without having to pack your car to the brim you can fit an extra buddy in to join you on the slopes.

If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you to get on those skies or that board before the resorts close, there is undoubtedly such a thing as a “spring vibe” to be noted. Everyone is laid back and relaxed, getting plenty of vitamin D and S-turns in.

If you’re into late season skiing like we are, here are some resorts in Colorado and Utah that are open past April and their estimated closing dates:spring skiing

Arapahoe Basin– June 2nd

Breckenridge– May 27th

Loveland– May 5th

Snowbird– May 24th

We’ll see you out there!