Skier and snowboarder coming down a powdery run

It’s no secret that the secret is out: Colorado takes the cake when it comes to the number and quality of ski resorts in the country. We aren’t a fan of lines unless they’re drawn on our descent down the mountain, but we’ll wait in them for skiing. Here are a few reasons why we think the juice, or the snow in this case, is worth the squeeze.

The Thrill of the Downhill

There’s nothing like the fresh mountain air activating your senses as you fly down your favorite run. They adrenaline rush of the downhill is enough to make us forget about the wait to get up. So, next time you see a long lift line, rest assured that what’s waiting for you at the top is worth the wait.

Time with Friends and Loved Ones

Waiting can suck but it’s way better with good company. Whether you hit some traffic on the drive there or have to stand in a lift line, use that time to catch up with your group. Play the license plate game with your family. See what your best friend has been up to. Or, if you’re alone, do some self-reflecting!

Tons of Fresh Pow

Even on powder days while it might seem like the masses are flocking to our favorite resorts, we can find untouched pow. When the flakes really fly, it takes a while for the trails to get tracked out. (as long as it’s not too windy) The pow is worth your patience. Make your way to a less popular run or through the trees to make it even more worth your while.

Beautiful Views

People drive down the Colorado mountain roads just to take in these views. Why not kill two birds with one stone and enjoy the views on the way to hit the slopes or even as you’re waiting in line. Ok, we know waiting isn’t ideal, but we can’t really think of better scenery to keep us occupied. Can you?

On-Mountain Bars

If the slopes are especially crowded, hit the bar while things calm down. Who knows, a beer jacket might even help pass the time  and keep your warm while standing in line.

Alpine skiing in Colorado is popular for a good reason, and we believe anything worth having is worth waiting for. We hope you’ll join Christy Sports on the slopes this season!