Ski Boot Insoles

Boulder_Store18_02Finding that perfect ski or snowboard boots is a daunting task. You might spend hours doing research and talking with experts until finally you find the perfect boots.  Then you get dialed in with the help of your local boot fitter and as they’re working on your fit they might ask you if you’re interested in a custom ski boot insole. Don’t skimp on this part as it is arguably the most important component.  Replacing the generic insole with one that is customized to fit your foot is a game changer.


DFP (Dynamic Foot Positioning) designs both ready fit insoles, an inexpensive way to add comfort, and fully customizable insoles.  These insoles are fully fabricated to your feet, resulting in an efficient biomechanical interface between foot and footwear.  There are three key ways a custom insole will change your life (on the mountain).

Comfort and Fatigue– A heat molded footbed is fabricated to each individual foot and helps eliminate pressure points by spreading out your weight over a large surface, this allows for increased comfort and decreased fatigue.

Neutral Stance– Nobody has a perfectly aligned stance, most of us either pronate or supinate, meaning our ankles roll inward or outward.  With the addition of a custom molded insole you are able to neutralize your stance and correct your alignment from your ankles all the way up to your hips.

Energy Transfer–  The molding process and the ThermoCORK materials gives you a balanced foundation which allows you to efficiently transfer energy and get the most out of your skis or snowboard.


Dynamic Foot Positioning makes a variety of insoles for every level of skier.

Ready-Fit Insoles – A quick and inexpensive upgrade, offering support and cushion for many types of footwear.

BlueprintBlueprint – Quick comfort for upgraded support, straight out of the box

StompStomp – Maximum cushion for shock absorption

Full Custom Insoles – Fully customizable to offer a natural, comfortable, and balanced foundation, fabricated by a Christy Sports boot fitter.

Podium P1Podium P1 – low volume fit

Podium PlusPodium Plus – High degree of stability

PodiumPodium – Plush seamless cushion


IMG_0810Possibly the biggest perk to adding a fully customizable insole is it qualifies you for the Christy Sports boot fit guarantee allowing you to have your boots tweaked at any Christy Sports location.

Whether you ski or ride, race or freeride, on powder or hard pack, custom support from DFP insole will give you the added comfort fit and performance you need to crush the day on the mountain.  Stop by your local Christy Sports and ask a boot fitter for help with the right insole to help you stomp the day!