If you are a thrill seeker and you love to enjoy fresh and beautiful powder, then heli-skiing or snowboarding is the activity for you. Heli-skiing is an adventure like one you have never been on before. You load into a helicopter with your friends and family (if that’s who you like to ski with) and start this incredible journey to the mountain top. Most of the time when planning a heli trip you want to do it around snow fall because then you will get to go in fresh untracked powder. There is nothing better than that light fluffy snow all to yourself.

There are always some frequently asked questions with an activity like this though. Here are the top 3 asked questions when it comes to heli-skiing.

  1. How good of a skier or snowboarder do you need to be?

Hands down you should know your way around your gear and how to use it. You might be put in some crazy situations from steep and powder covered runs to being in some tight chutes to get to the good snow. It is important for you and for the safety of your group that you know how to ski or snowboard well enough to get out of those situations. You need to be a strong and confident skier or rider!

  1. Do you need to own your equipment?

The best piece of equipment you could ever own is your own boots. Boots are an easier carry on and improve your performance 10 fold.  You might not have the right skis or snowboard in your quiver at home. You’ll want is something a little wider under foot, so that if there is a bit of snow then you will be able to stay afloat with the deep snow. You can always rent/demo the skis or board you are looking to enjoy on this thrilling experience.

  1. Are you jumping out of the helicopter?

No, could you imagine having to put your skis or board on in the helicopter and then trying to jump out of it. The helicopter will land on the snow at most the rotor blades will still be spinning so when you hop out it’ll feel like a scene from a movie. You will have a guide that will make your transitions seamless.

So that’s what the heck heli-skiing is, a thrilling adventure for people who love to ski and ride and want to challenge themselves and have a life changing experience. The moment you step into the helicopter you are going on a thrill ride way better than what you could get at an amusement park followed by some incredible snow! Before going on this perfect adventure, stop by Christy Sports to make sure you have proper fitting boots and skis or snowboard for the conditions!