What is DFP?

When it comes to buying ski or snowboard boots there are a lot of options and brands out there. You have Head, K2, Nordica, Burton, Ride, and so many more each coming with a stock insole in them. Not every foot is created equal and to find a boot to fit you right of the box, although doable, very rarely do people get that luxury. Then there are a handful of people who buy boots think they are fine take them straight out of the box and think it’s normal to feel pain throughout certain parts of their foot. Even the most established professionals in the industry like their boots to be comfy, that’s what DFP does.

DFP stands for Dynamic Foot Positioning, to make sure your foot has the utmost support in your boots. DFP was created by a group of people that love to get outside and enjoy all sorts of activities from skiing and snowboarding to riding bikes and hiking. The team that stands behind DFP is the team testing the product through each activity. They’ve adapted and overcame obstacles from almost completely redesigning the product to making it more technicians friendly. When it comes to comfort this expert team knows exactly what they are doing. Creating options that would work for everyone was there number one priority. There is an insole that you can buy based on your shoe size and the insole is ready to put in whatever footwear you want, then they have a line of custom moldable insoles.  The custom moldable insole is where the real comfort is, through a process of heating it up and molding the insole to each foot the insole becomes completely customized to you.

We spent some time catching up with experts from the DFP team. The first team member, Mike Shaw, he is the General Manager of DFP now. Back in the beginning he was the chief designer and product developer. When he joined with DFP he was a full time bootfitter and had been fitting boots for around 15 years. His expert knowledge in feet and the multiple ways ski boot could cause pain is one of the many reasons he joined the DFP team. In the early 90’s he furthered his education by going to Pedorithic School. As his knowledge on feet grew so did the desire to make the ski boot more comfortable. Over time he refined the materials with the help of his collogues to make the insole easier to customize to the foot.  Mike said “We redesigned the footbeds so that it was easier for the technician to make but comfortable for the athlete to use.”  Now in the year 2020 he is a phenomenal teacher to show the new bootfitting generation how to use the product to ensure everyone has the most comfortable boots possible. Every year Mike comes around to the Christy Sports stores and gives a demonstration to all the employees on how to heat the insoles to the perfect temperature and mold them to the feet.

In this picture you can see Mike in the dark blue shirt explain the arch placement and the form of the foot compared to the insole.

The second team member of the DFP Family we caught up with is Bob Olsen. Bob is the Director of Athlete Services. He has been in this role for 19 years, putting some of the best athletes in the business feet in his hands. Starting about 15 years ago 50% of the U.S. Ski Team started using DFP for the performance factor and also for the comfort factor.  A big household name using DFP in their ski boots is Steven Nyman, an Olympic downhill ski racer. The importance of having an insole in your boot is priceless. Bob had so many great quotes to share with us but the one that stood out was “A DFP insole is the missing link, connecting the skier to their equipment.” After some more discussing the benefits of using the insole and how it will increase comfort and performance Bob also stated “These insoles are for anybody with feet, doing any sport.” No matter what you are doing you should have the most support starting with the place you are most grounded, your feet. When we had the masters of DFP in the house Bob was showing everyone how to grind an insole down to the perfect thickness for the specific foot and boot.

In this image you can see Bob himself grinding the footbed down and inspecting his work with an audience to learn from him.

There is truly an art form that goes into making these custom insoles and the DFP team has mastered it! From the incredible technology that goes into the insole, to the labor of love to make them fit your foot perfectly. If you or anyone you know if having some foot pain in their boots tell them to stop by a Christy Sports store and ask about DFP. DFP has an entire team of people working for them making this comfort dream happen. We want to thank the team for the time and devotion they have put into their products.