ski rental demo program

Whether you are serious about purchasing ski and/or snowboard equipment, or simply wanting to test out the latest and greatest technology this winter, Christy Sports has you covered. Our ski/snowboard Demo programs offer options to suit both fancies.

For the true-to-the-slopes serious buyers in the market for ski / snowboard gear, Christy Sports’ Demo Test program is a perfect fit. What you see on the sales floor is exactly what you have the opportunity to rent and “test” before you buy.

“We use it (Demo Test) as a sales tool for the serious shopper,” says our very own Brian Sullivan, Director of Mountain Operations for Summit County and Winter Park Christy Sports locations.

Who is the Demo Program For?

Christy Sports’ Demo Rentals fleet offers top-of-the-line brand equipment for those who are renting, but not necessarily buying. Demo Rentals are designed for skiers and boarders who, either don’t have their own gear, or don’t want to bring their own gear, but still want to enjoy top of the line rental equipment. Each Christy Sports store carries 3-5 “select” models to have in stock and will have several of these models in multiple sizes on hand.

The biggest difference, then, between Demo Test rentals and the Demo Rentals fleet is the selection of equipment vs. quantity. Demo Test offers a rental for everything on the sales floor, but limited to one in each size, while in the Demo Rentals fleet, particular brands and models are limited in each Christy Sports rental shop, but there are typically plenty of those models in stock.

What You Should Know About the Demo Test Program

Some things to keep in mind when considering renting equipment through the Demo Test program are:

  • ONLY ONE of each model and size is available.
  • Equipment can only be rented for one day at a time, and needs to returned to the original store it was rented from.

“Customers can swap out equipment all day long at any Christy Sports location, but at the end of the day, that particular ski or board needs to come back to its original home,” Sullivan says.

  • No advanced reservations – online or by phone – can be made for Demo Test gear.
  • Demo Test equipment offered is based on availability and first-come first-serve.

How to Reserve Your Demo Rental Skis / Snowboards

Demo Rentals can be reserved in advance either online or over the phone. You receive a 20% discount for making an advanced reservation for Demo Rental gear. The cost to rent through the Demo Test program is the same as the walk-in rate for Demo Rentals.  Since advanced reservations cannot be made for Demo Test equipment, the 20% discounted advanced reservation rate does not apply.

The best thing about both the Demo Test program and Demo Rentals is the cost of a two-day rental can be put towards the purchase of brand new ski and/or snowboard equipment straight off the sales floor! So, whether you are looking to purchase skis or snowboards, or just want to test the newest gear of the season, it’s definitely a win-win. Stop by any of our Christy Sports locations and let our friendly staff get you geared up for the season with the best name brands in skis and snowboards!