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Nine 2018/2019 Ski and Snowboard Clothing Trends

Clothing tech trends eb and flow out on the slopes just as in everyday life. Whether your goal is looking sharp as you fly down runs or staying warm and hydrated on the lift, fashion or function, we’re here to keep you in the know out on the snow. We sat down with our entire softgoods buying department, those responsible for choosing with clothing Christy Sports sells, to find out some of the latest ski and snowboard clothing trends in the interests of both fashion and function. Here’s what you’ll likely be seeing out on the mountain this season. (and might want to be a part of yourself!)

Ski and Snowboard Clothing Trends this Season

  1. Spyder Goes GORE-TEX

If jacket fabrics made up the animal kingdom, GORE-TEX would be King of the Jungle. Sturdy, waterproof, and breathable, GORE-TEX garments are equipped to handle any weather conditions that blow their way. GORE-TEX even boasts a “guaranteed to keep you dry” promise. This trend didn’t crawl past Spyder, one of the leading ski outerwear companies. They’re making sure this season’s products can tackle wind, rain, and physical activity. Spyder is also one of the few brands to include GORE-TEX in clothing for the kiddos this ski season.

Girl skiing in the Spyder Lola Jacket.

Spyder Lola Jacket

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Meet Our Clothing Buyers:


Kristin Pappas is in charge of buying all the kids’ winter outerwear for Christy Sports. She grew up in the mountains of Colorado and has stayed in the home she loves. Kristin has worked for Christy Sports since 2011 and loves “sharing the winter stoke” with others who never get tired of snow. When not researching the latest softgoods trends in the ski industry, you can find Kristin tele-skiing, alpine skiing, trail running, and hiking with her pup.


  1. Primary Colors

Remember that color wheel from elementary school art? It’s making its way onto the slopes via outfitting skiers and snowboarders. That’s right, primary colors will be painting the mountain red, blue, yellow, and yellow this season. (With yellow being en ESPECIALLY popular color for the men.) We like primary colors, but at the very least, sporting these hues is a great way not to lose your buddies on a run.

Primary colors in ski clothing

  1. Ski and Snowboard Clothing Unite

While sometimes on the mountain it can feel like there’s a “skier vs. snowboarder” mentality, that’s not the case when it comes to their closets, with skiers and boarders agreeing on great brands that produce high- quality outerwear for their sport of choice. There is more and more overlap between what could be considered a “ski” clothing brand and what brands primarily outfit boarders. It seems snowsport enthusiasts of all kinds just want quality clothing at an attainable price.

Meet Our Clothing Buyers:


Cynthia Henry is the ladies’ ski outerwear and casual wear buyer for Christy Sports. Born in Southern California, Cynthia has resided in Colorado for over 20 years enjoying the mountains and taking advantage of the highly accessible winter sports, her favorites being tele-skiing and snowboarding. She loves that no matter what part of the industry calls to you, we are all tied together by snow!


  1. Staying Hydrated- 686 Hydrastash

Dry mouth on the lift is one way to dash those mountain views. 686 wants you to stop planning your route back down to the lodge for that tiny plastic cup of water and start getting pumped for your upcoming run. That’s why they created the Hydrastash, a jacket that stores up to 750 ml of water right in the powder skirt. Unlike your typical on-mountain hydration technology, the Hydrastash bladder is designed to be noticeably unnoticeable, distributing weight equally around the rider’s waist. Finish that with the smallest micro valve system on the market for seamless sipping and you have yourself a great way to combat dehydration through run after run.

Shop hydration for men

Shop hydration for ladies

  1. Far From Floral

Ladies- we don’t ALL want flowers and cheetah prints painting our pants and jackets this season, am I right? While prints and fur are certainly in (and cute), they aren’t for everyone. Snowboard clothing brands are designing slope-side looks that air more on the side of “tomboy” then you might typically find in the ladies section of your local ski shop, like the 686 Meadow Jacket or the Burton Prowess Jacket. Tackle runs in YOUR style.

Ladies 686 Meadow Jacket in the snow.

686 Meadow Jacket

Meet Our Clothing Buyers: 


Amandine O’Winter is the snowboard clothing buyer as well as the softgoods coordinator for Christy Sports. She has been in Colorado since age 8 and has worked for Christy Sports for over 9 years full-time. She loves to play in the snow, both on skis and a snowboard, and enjoys working in an industry that breeds so many people with a passion for the outdoors.


  1. Bibs, bibs, bibs

Boys and girls, bibs are back! Lucky for skiers and snowboarders alike, bibs have made their way from the 80’s and 90’s back to battling it out with pants. Bibs provide additional warmth with an extra insulated layer at your core and effortlessly slick snow style. Bibs can keep you warm and dry while being put to work. Need to hit the loo in between runs? Not to worry, ski apparel brands are outfitting most of their bibs with long exterior zippers for ease of entry and painless removal. 

Flylow Firebird Ski Bib for Men.

Flylow Firebird Bib

  1. Street to Slope

More and more shoppers are looking for one jacket to both conquer the mountain on powder days and conquer the office commute on a Monday morning. Enter jackets that are both fashionable for walking around town and functional for hitting the slopes. More and more brands are working to create outerwear that can transition seamlessly from street to slope and vice versa, so you can purchase one piece that does it all. 

Meet Our Clothing Buyers: 


Joan Deck is the merchandise manager for all apparel and focuses her efforts specifically on Men’s apparel. Joan is from New England and came to Colorado after college to “take a year off.” It’s pretty easy to see why she’s been in Colorado for over 31 years and with Christy Sports for over 28, considering she loves to ski. In the winter, Joan loves alpine and nordic skiing, as well as exploring the mountains via snowshoes. She has two teenage daughters who also enjoy playing in the mountains. All of the wonderful people she’s met in the ski industry and her love for the outdoors have kept her coming back for more!

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