Try something new in the New Year.

We’re probably used to New Year’s Resolutions that look something like this: buy a gym membership, (and use it) save more money, watch less TV, etc. What about taking a more snow-covered route with your resolution this year? If you typically stick to skiing and boarding, there are a plethora of powder-fueled activities you could be enjoying. While we support getting as many days in on the mountain as possible, why not set aside a couple to give these snow activities a go?

New Activities to Try in the Snow

Backcountry Skiing 

Backcountry skiing is a broad term to cover skiing or snowboarding that is in the mountains but not at a resort on groomed terrain. Let us start be saying the avalanche risk and lack of maintained terrain can make backcountry skiing or boarding extremely dangerous. Along with the exhilaration of discovering untouched pow comes the need to be educated and prepare yourself with the proper equipment. See our blog on preparing for backcountry to learn more.

Basic Gear Required: beacon, probe, shovel, pack, assessment tools, touring set up, avalung, airbags

Backcountry Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

XC skiing as it’s often abbreviated is done sans a chairlift and on less steep terrain than downhill skiing. Cross Country skiers traverse across snowy landscapes with skis that remain parallel as they kick and glide forward and back. XC Skiing doesn’t require mountains and can be a much more aerobically demanding activity than Alpine Skiing. It is also important to know that cross country skis differ from alpine skis and the two can not be used interchangeably for their respective activities. 

Basic Gear Required: cross country skis and bindings, ski boots, day pack

Cross Country Skiing Colorado


Perhaps you’d like a break from your skis/ board altogether, or are heading west with a group that doesn’t want to hop on a pair of skis or a snowboard. Snowshoeing is both a phenomenal workout and a way to explore a winter wonderland. Think of it like hiking in the snow, with shoes strapped to your feet that are wide for weight distribution to help you float over powder. Snowshoes can be rented near many resorts or purchased through Christy Sports

Basic Gear Required: Snowshoes

Snowshoeing in Colorado


Snow tubing is a great activity for the whole family and another one that doesn’t require any ski lessons! Think of it as sledding on an inflated inter tube. The low amount of friction between the snow and the tube can make for a swift ride and tons of fun. Most Colorado resorts feature a tubing hill and some, like Keystone and Steamboat Springs, even boast night skiing. Many ski shops including some of our Christy Sports locations offer tubes to rent. 

Basic Gear Required: A snow tube, warm clothing.

Tubing in Colorado

We love snow.The majesty of it floating from the sky, the winter wonderland it paints when caked in the trees. But our favorite part about fresh pow? Playing in it, of course! You can find us any given weekend (and some weekdays) enjoying the snow beneath our skis and boards. And while there is nothing quite like the feeling of flying down the mountain, playing in snow in any capacity is sure not make for a great 2019! So try something new in the New Year.