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Springtime in Colorado often brings about what some call a “rite of passage” from one season into the next, especially when it comes to skiing and riding. It’s the time of year when we get to see totally rational people – or not – don their wackiest costumes and try to ski, board, scoot, or slide on some other crazy device across a stretch of icy water. Yeah, sure, that makes sense.

The event, which has become not just a tradition, but an annual ritual across North America since the 1920s, is known by many names – slush cups, slush hucks, but most popular – pond skimming. Many resorts throughout Colorado wrap up their winter season with some variation of pond skimming. Test your talent, slip on your best silly costume, and celebrate the end of an epic season. Or, if participating is not for you, being a spectator on the sidelines is just as entertaining.

Whether partaking or spectating, here are a few tips for enjoying the most cheers, laughs, thumbs up, and high fives to this crazy, unique pastime!

Tips for Pond Skimming

Sign Up Ahead of Time

First and foremost, participation is quite popular, so it’s important to register for any pond skimming event well ahead of time to make sure you have a spot on the contest list.  Many resorts have an entry limit of the first 50 or 100 participants to sign up. It would be a bummer to show up day of on your skis, blades, or board, donning your best speedo, water wings, and sunglasses only to find out the list is full.

Pond Skimming Skills Tips

  • Wax your skies / snowboard beforehand – the wax will naturally repel the water and keep you above it.
  • Tips up!! Skis or board flat.
  • Go for maximum speed when you hit the water.
  • Aim straight forward.
  • Have fun!!

What To Wear Pond Skimming

Costumes are always a great way to earn the crowd’s attention. In fact, the duds you choose to wear while pond skimming can really make or break the decibel of cheering you’ll receive. Making it across or “yard sale-ing” into the pond is immensely more enjoyable to watch if the skimmer is wearing something completely ridiculous. Here are some creatively wacky ideas:

  • Scuba Steve – Water wings or floaties add that finishing touch on a “Scuba Steve” theme, while also providing additional protection and safety.
  • Random Collection – This mismatch of random sweaters, ski pants, jackets, and other patchy outdoor wear tells the crowd you are a true individual.
  • Beach Babe – Need we say more? A costume left to the imagination for either gender, and is sure to win both wanted and maybe not so favorable cheers and sneers from the crowd.
  • Here Come the Bride – Bridal costumes get plenty of stares on water, just as they do on land. Throw a groom in there and a couple of bridesmaids and you’ve got a party.
  • American Superhero – And of course, everyone loves a Superhero, whether it’s Superman, Wonder Woman, Mighty Mouse, and yes, even Scuba Steve.

Choose Your Equipment

Equipment rules and regulations vary by resort, so be sure to check out each resort’s website for specific details before heading out. For the most part, though, you can apply the general rule:  “if it slides on snow, you’re good to go!” While skis, snowboards, split-boards, and mono-boards are most commonly used for skimming, other popular toys include: tele mark skis, toboggans, sleds, surfboards, snow blades, snow scooters and yes, even snow bikes. Just be sure to wear extra padded biking chamois!

Snow blades and snow scooters seem to be taking the pond-skimming world by storm these days. Both have a lower swing weight than traditional skis, making it easier to trick and spin and get yourself into all sorts of wacky positions – and of course, more crowd pleasing attention.

Where To Pond Skim in Colorado

While a handful of these resorts have already enjoyed their own variations of pond skimming, Loveland, Breckenridge, and Arapahoe Basin have yet to celebrate their closing days. If you haven’t put away yours skis or that board for the season, we highly recommended taking advantage of this ceremonial ski activity. Cheers to an epic season, we’ll see you out there!

Night skiing in Keystone.

We’ve all enjoyed an epic powder day on the slopes skiing or riding while wishing the day would never end. The ski lifts closing is the biggest bummer of the day. Never fear, Keystone Night Skiing is here to save (and extend) the day! Keystone having the longest ski days with the most lighted trails means your epic day doesn’t have to end when the day lifts do.

Whether you are new to Keystone or a seasoned veteran, you can enjoy the greatest number of skiable trails after the sun goes down. Throughout most of the season, many lifts – at both River Run and Peru Express – remain open until 8:00 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays so you can get in that many more rides down the mountain. Follow our guide here to enjoy the perfect night skiing experience.

Tips for Night Skiing in Keystone

  • Dress Appropriately: Keep in mind when the sun dips down behind the mountains, so do the temperatures and our intense Colorado sun is no longer around to keep you toasty. So, be sure to dress in warm layers from thermal base layers all the way to water proof and wind resistant jacket and pants.
  • Buddy System: Always ski or ride with a buddy when it gets dark and stay on the lighted trails. Having a friend or family member skiing / riding with you is not only more fun, but the “buddy system” is also the safest option at night.
  • Day Skiing vs. Night Skiing: Night skiing / riding is different than skiing / riding during the day. For starters, you will experience less lift lines and more of the mountain to yourself, allowing you to push your abilities further while enjoying a beautiful moonlit Colorado night out on the slopes. In the peace and quiet of the night, you can feel every turn, hear your skis or board connecting with the snow, and smell the fresh night air whipping around your face. Night skiing / riding allows you to experience the slopes in a whole new way and keep your epic day going!
  • More Than Night Skiing / Riding: Night skiing isn’t just for skiers and riders! Add to your after dark adventure and take a ride down the tubing hill. Keystone’s snow tubing hill at Adventure Point is open late as well. So take a couple of spins for some lighthearted fun between runs. For the kiddos, enjoy Kidtopia fireworks from the slopes every Saturday night. Or, simply relax and watch the sunset with friends at the Summit House – Keystone’s highest eating establishment. Take advantage of the views from here to watch the sun set over the Rockies before making a few more last tracks and calling it a day – or should we say, night.
  • Ski / Board Rentals: No gear? No problem! Our Snake River Keystone Christy Sports location offers ski and snowboard rentals for all ability levels, and is open late during night skiing hours. We highly recommend stopping by to grab your gear before 4 PM, to avoid the rush of folks returning their rental gear from the day. Avoid a gear pickup hiccup or be advised if you come in after 4, your wait will likely increase. The Snake River Christy Sports is located directly off Highway 6, near River Run Village and adjacent to the Snake River Saloon. Our friendly staff are considered the resident experts in ski and snowboard gear and making sure you are fitted properly before you hit the slopes – day or night.

Night skiing or riding at Keystone can be an experience of a lifetime, especially when you follow our tips here. And don’t forget to stop in and see the guys at our Snake River Christy Sports! The sun may set on Keystone, but you certainly don’t have to!

Photo: Denver Post

Matchstick's Productio's "All In" film showings by Christy Sports.

Don’t Watch Paint Dry This Fall

Ski season is right around the corner. We’re just months away from feeling the chair lift folding the back of our knees, the chill of the crisp air hitting our balaclava, and the unmatched thrill of shredding our way down the hill. But for those of us counting down the days, hitting the slopes may feel like its ages away. How do ski junkies avoid the wait for ski season feeling like watching paint dry? Watch a ski movie!

Matchstick Productions

Our friends over at Matchstick Productions utilize expert cinematography and state-of-the-art technology to bring you some of the best ski content on the big screen. For upwards of 25 years, the most award-winning ski company in history has been bringing some of life’s greatest adventures to the viewer, including that perfect ski line.

All In Film (2018)

This year, Matchstick is releasing yet another mesmerizing ski film with footage shot all over the globe, from the lifts in Snowbird to the pow in Japan. Directed by Scott Gaffney, this “isn’t your typical women can shred too ski film” but the concept was spearheaded by some pretty awesome ladies with the idea in mind that fun on the mountain knows no gender lines. All In features equal parts hard-charging women and awesome male athletes. The movie also boasts a playlist that’s bound to be stuck in your head. (in a welcomed way)

All In Showings

Christy Sports is proud to sponsor showings of the new film in Colorado, Utah, and Washington. We hope you’ll join us!

To see the full tour schedule and purchase tickets visit:

Matchstick's Production's All In Ski Film with Christy Sports

Check out the Trailer:

HOJI Film (2018)

In addition, Matchstick Productions and Christy Sports present HOJI at the Boulder Theater on 10/17. HOJI is a thrilling profile of skiier Eric Hjorleifson, go-getter, storm chaser, and designer of his own ski gear. Follow this ski hero’s journey down the mountain, and back up again. Watch the trailer below!