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Atomic Skis at Christy Sports

Atomic is an Austrian company that has been manufacturing skis, and manufacturing them well, for over 50 years. Since Atomic only makes skis and not snowboards, the brand can truly focus on the art of their craft.

Craig Peterson, seasoned Ski Hardgoods buyer for Christy Sports, weighs in on Atomic and the brand’s value to Christy Sports. “Our relationship with Atomic is very good. I’ve been to the factory in Austria and most of the skis are made right there, in a beautiful valley with a ski area just 20 minutes away.”

Craig talks about how Atomic is authentic and innovative, with new models and ground-breaking materials to make the skis lighter and more stable. The brand offers a good balance between quality men’s skis and women’s skis.

We had the chance to sit down with Atomic’s Mike Macquarrie, or MAQ as many in the industry call him, to talk about the brand and their relationship with Christy Sports.

Mike “MAQ” Macquarrie on Atomic & Christy Sports:

  1. What attracted Atomic to Christy Sports?

My experience with Christy Sports has always been amazing. I have a great relationship with the employees, from corporate to the shop guys and girls. Christy Sports has the same feel as a mom and pop shop even with over 40 locations. The kids on the floor are passionate; the managers are involved, as a small entity would be. I could walk across the street to a mom and pop ski shop and wouldn’t even feel I was treated with as much value as at Christy Sports. The company is very hands on and helpful but with many locations.

  1. What benefit did Atomic observe through partnering with Christy Sports?

Ten years ago when walked into Christy Sports and then to a big competitor, I observed that both have buying power but Christy Sports has a hands-on team atmosphere like walking into a small retailer. With expansion there is still that mom and pop feel which is super important in this world. Employees truly care about steering the customer to the right product for their needs. The shop employees are very inviting and knowledgeable, and the shop layouts are great. I can confidently try new product in the stores and the shop employees can embrace it and sell it to the customers who will benefit from it.

  1. What, uniquely, does Atomic offer to their fans and retailers?

Atomic is rich in heritage and the Austrian culture has been heavy into skiing since the beginning of the sport. We ARE skiing- the brand is passionate and the brand’s employees are all passionate skiers. Since we are authentic just to the sport of skiing we can touch every type of skier. Atomic pushes the envelope on making the sport better with new design and is not afraid to bring something to market that might be edgy.

  1. What, in your eyes, does Christy Sports offer to their customers that other retailers do not?

People price shop and chances are they can find a good deal anywhere. When you move beyond price what’s the next important thing when shopping for outdoor products? How do you maintain your customer base? Christy Sports employees do a really good job from assisting with clothing to fitting a boot, it’s the sales interaction and that’s why people shop at Christy’s. That positive experience travels via word of mouth. Whether you’re in Cherry Creek, Snowmass, or Deer Valley, you walk into the same personal treatment.



Ski Boot Insoles

Boulder_Store18_02Finding that perfect ski or snowboard boots is a daunting task. You might spend hours doing research and talking with experts until finally you find the perfect boots.  Then you get dialed in with the help of your local boot fitter and as they’re working on your fit they might ask you if you’re interested in a custom ski boot insole. Don’t skimp on this part as it is arguably the most important component.  Replacing the generic insole with one that is customized to fit your foot is a game changer.


DFP (Dynamic Foot Positioning) designs both ready fit insoles, an inexpensive way to add comfort, and fully customizable insoles.  These insoles are fully fabricated to your feet, resulting in an efficient biomechanical interface between foot and footwear.  There are three key ways a custom insole will change your life (on the mountain).

Comfort and Fatigue– A heat molded footbed is fabricated to each individual foot and helps eliminate pressure points by spreading out your weight over a large surface, this allows for increased comfort and decreased fatigue.

Neutral Stance– Nobody has a perfectly aligned stance, most of us either pronate or supinate, meaning our ankles roll inward or outward.  With the addition of a custom molded insole you are able to neutralize your stance and correct your alignment from your ankles all the way up to your hips.

Energy Transfer–  The molding process and the ThermoCORK materials gives you a balanced foundation which allows you to efficiently transfer energy and get the most out of your skis or snowboard.


Dynamic Foot Positioning makes a variety of insoles for every level of skier.

Ready-Fit Insoles – A quick and inexpensive upgrade, offering support and cushion for many types of footwear.

BlueprintBlueprint – Quick comfort for upgraded support, straight out of the box

StompStomp – Maximum cushion for shock absorption

Full Custom Insoles – Fully customizable to offer a natural, comfortable, and balanced foundation, fabricated by a Christy Sports boot fitter.

Podium P1Podium P1 – low volume fit

Podium PlusPodium Plus – High degree of stability

PodiumPodium – Plush seamless cushion


IMG_0810Possibly the biggest perk to adding a fully customizable insole is it qualifies you for the Christy Sports boot fit guarantee allowing you to have your boots tweaked at any Christy Sports location.

Whether you ski or ride, race or freeride, on powder or hard pack, custom support from DFP insole will give you the added comfort fit and performance you need to crush the day on the mountain.  Stop by your local Christy Sports and ask a boot fitter for help with the right insole to help you stomp the day!

Packing for a trip is difficult, but packing for a ski trip can be a daunting task. It can seem impossible to know what you will truly need to enjoy the mountains. Whether you are packing your own ski equipment or renting on arrival, skiing and snowboarding requires a lot of gear! If you are planning to travel to a mountain paradise during Spring Break, here is a list of essentials for spring skiing warm weather.


Ski Jacket:  Pack a windproof, waterproof ski or snowboard shell jacket for spring .  If you are snowboarder, a longer snowboarding jacket will help to keep snow out.

Ski Pants: Make sure to pack waterproof, vented  ski or snowboard pants.

Long Underwear: Non-cotton base layers are recommended for under your jacket and other layers of insulation. Spring skiing weather can be unpredictable to plan for the right amount of layers.

Additional Insulation: Pack a down, synthetic, or fleece jacket or vest for under your ski jacket to provide extra warmth in addition to your shell jacket in case the weather happens to be a little colder. Spring weather can be a challenge being able to find the right balance between cold mornings and sunny afternoons!


Gloves: A good pair of waterproof, thick gloves is essential. Regular knitted gloves or mittens won’t cut it in the snow.

Neck Gaiter: Shield your neck and chin from cold and the sun!

Goggles: Help protect your eyes with ski and snowboard googles from the snow refection and choose a pair that has a venting system so they don’t fog up. Darker lens on googles tend to be best for sunny days.

Helmet:  A No Brainer! This is a crucial piece of mountain safety and your safety.  Just about everyone wears one these days. If you don’t own a helmet, you can rent one if needed.

Ski Socks: Different from your everyday socks. They are typically made of wool and designed to regulate body temperature and wick away sweat and moisture.

Winter Hat: A good winter hat or beanie will provide extra insulation and covers up your helmet hair so you can easily transition to the hot tub or après!

Sunscreen / Lip Balm: This is crucial when spending a day on the mountain especially in the springs at higher elevations where UV rays magnifies and reflects off the snow.  Goggle tans aren’t that cool when you look like Homer Simpson.


Gather up your skis, snowboard, binding, poles and boots! Depending on where you are traveling to or for how long, might determine if you want to bring your own gear or rent ski and snowboard gear.

If you are planning to travel with your own gear, it’s vital to pack it in a padded ski and snowboarding travel bag to prevent damage or broken as they get tossed around during the journey.

Other Items You Might Need:

Sunglasses: They are great for when you’re sitting outside on a bluebird day or for walking around town.

Hand and Toe Warmers: When it’s a really cold day on the mountain, these can be a lifesaver.

Camera: Don’t forget the camera or GoPro! You won’t want to miss out on capturing those action shots.

First Aid Kit: A long day of skiing can make for some pain. It’s good to have a kit on-hand with Advil,  also for a possible hangover!

Oxygen: Altitude sickness can put a real damper in your vacation, so upon arrival purchase oxygen.  Traveling to higher altitudes can cause altitude sickness because lower oxygen levels. Boost Oxygen provides a great all-natural and safe solution! Stop by one of our retail locations to pick up 95% pure oxygen and feel better if the altitude hits you.

Boost Oxygen

Winter Clothing: Planning on staying at a resort for a couple days, will also require bringing warm winter clothing and snow boots for strolling around town to enjoy après ski and restaurants!

Packing for a ski vacation can be challenging, but hopefully with our list of essentials you can enjoy your time on the mountain and worry less about the items you might have forgotten.

Are you are ski vacation pro? Are there any items you would add to our list?

Snowboard Tech Article

Every year snowboard companies come out with a bunch of new technologies for boards, boots, and bindings. For tech nerds, it can be difficult to decipher what’s just hype and what’s worth mentioning, especially as snowboards seem to get more intricate each season. So, I sat down with the all-knowing, Jake Jarvis, our snowboard buyer for Christy Sports to pick out a few technologies for 2014-2015 that are worth checking out.

Asymmetric Boards

The basic idea behind asymmetric snowboards is that the way we lean into our toe side and heal side is not symmetric, so therefore our sidecuts should not be symmetric. On an asymmetric snowboard there is no tip and tail, only a toe side and a heal side, so your bindings face the same way whether you are a regular or goofy rider.

Jake puts it like this, “The side cut of the heel edge is deeper to compensate for your body’s natural deficiencies. You get more angulation on your toe edge due to the way our knees and ankles bend, which allows for a tighter turn. By creating a deeper heel edge side cut it enables you to make tighter turns on the heel edge without the same board angulation that you get on your toe edge.”

Asymmetry has come and gone in board designs over the years but is evolving and making new appearances in more brands as more riders are looking for it.  If asymmetry is what you’ve been missing your whole shred-life, check out these 2014/2015 asymmetric snowboards:


YES The Greats Snowboard

YES The Greats Snowboard

Ride - Helix Snowboard

Ride – Helix Snowboard

Burton - Name Dropper Snowboard

Burton – Name Dropper

Burton Process Off-Axis

Burton Process Off-Axis













Gnu - Velvet Gnuru

Gnu – Velvet Gnuru

Gnu - Ladies Choice

Gnu – Ladies Choice







Tongue Tension Systems

Tongue tensions systems are a game changing boot technology, available in a few brands. They utilize the boa cable system in a new way that helps lock down your heel. The cable actually comes over the ankle of the boot liner and pulls your heel securely to the back of the boot. This will help reduce heel lift when you’re taking deep toe side turns. Tongue tension systems are available in these boot models:


Ride - Lasso Snowboard Boot

Ride – Lasso Snowboard Boot

Ride - Fuse Snowboard Boot

Ride – Fuse Snowboard Boot

Thirty Two - Session Boot

Thirty Two – Session Boot








Thirty Two - Session Women's

Thirty Two – Session Women’s

Ride - Hera Snowboard Boot

Ride – Hera Snowboard Boot








Burton Guard Rails

Guard Rails is a brand new sidewall technology that helps reduce chatter. It’s made from a sandwich of a layer of urethane and a poly carbonate spine to get the job done while reducing weight and increasing durability. If you’re in need of a smoother, cleaner ride while you’re blazing runs then look at the Antler and the Feelgood from Burton.


Burton - Antler Snowboard

Burton – Antler Snowboard








Burton - Feelgood Snowboard

Burton – Feelgood Snowboard