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Tecnica Ski Boots

You skis boots should never ruin your day out on the slopes. Did you know many common complaints about ski boots can be remedied by knowledge of the proper way to put your boots on? Our Christy Sports boot fitters are happy to show you some methods and for those problems that just can’t be solved by rearranging the buckles, our team is standing by to troubleshoot so your time on the mountain is more enjoyable. Check out some of the top complaints we hear about ski boots and how they can be fixed:

Ski Boot Pain- The Top 5 Complaints

Tecnica Ski Boots

  1. Cold feet

Spending the day with your feet covered in snow is bound to bring a little chill to your toes right? While sub-freezing temperatures may be necessary for the perfect pow day, suffering from freezing feet are not. Still, cold feet are one of the most common complaints from skiers. The best remedy for cold feet is ensuring you have a properly fitting boot to optimize circulation. Boot warmers can also help keep your tootsies toasty in the cold of winter.

  1. Toes (Black Toe or 6th Toe)

Toes may be small but keeping them comfy in a ski boot is crucial to making the most of your day out there. Having an ill-fitting boot can put your toes in a bad position, causing you pain and perhaps one or two less toe nails. If you’re experience fleeting toe nails, the boot is most likely too big for your foot and is causing your toe to hit the end or you are compensating by lifting your toe up. If your boot is too narrow, it can lead to toe pain and poor circulation. But not too worry, an experienced boot fitter can punch out the toe box, widening it for a more optimal fit.

  1. Ankle/ Arch Support

We all want to feel supported, in life and in our ski boot. Not enough support in your boot can lead to a multitude of discomfort and pain. Often, a custom foot bed will solve support issues as they are sculpted to your exact foot, whether you have a high arch or flat feet. It’s impossible to create one ski boot that meets the support needs of every skier, which is why adding in a custom element is so helpful.

  1. Heel Lift (Moving around inside the boot)

It’s common for skiers to pick out a boot that “feels good” when they slip it on in the shop. But what is comfortable on a boot bench often isn’t the best fit for out on the mountain. Your ski boot shouldn’t fit like a slipper, but should snuggly hold your foot in place. Buying a boot that’s too roomy might spell out trouble later, as a lifting heel or a sloshing foot often leads to the other ailments mentioned. If the boot fits but the heel cup is too wide, your boot fitter can solve that with boot fitting aids such as a heel wedge.

  1. Acute pain points

A dull ache is common in a new ski boot as you are packing it out and breaking it in. But when a dull ache turns into a pain you can pinpoint, there may be a problem. The solution might be as simple as a wrinkle in your sock but could require a little more expertise. The boot your heart is telling you to choose may not be the one that’s actually best for you so it’s helpful to have a pro there to help guide your instincts.

A ski boot can make or break your bluebird day, you deserve to be comfortable and confident in your boot whether you’re a beginner just settling into your skis or have been shredding most of your life. Tecnica is a brand that’s all about providing skiers with great-fitting ski boots. Check it out!

Tecnica & a Great Boot Fit Go Foot-in-foot

Tecnica C.A.S.

Tecnica believes in producing ski boots with a great out-of-the-box fit. C.A.S. or Custom Adaptive Shape is Tecnica’s revolutionary new fit system created to cater to standard hotspots in everyone’s feet like ankle bones or the top of the foot. Tecnica stands behind a comfortable fit that doesn’t require sacrificing performance. Tecnica uses an anatomically shaped sell. A whaty what? That fancy lingo just means the shell inside of the boot is shaped to fit a human foot, preventing discomfort while you spend the day traversing the mountain. Which leads to more time traversing the mountain and less time inside the lodge with just your socks on.

We think you’ll discover a pretty fantastic fit in a Tecnica boot. But in case you require some adjustments C.A.S. offers more customization options than ever! Dimples on the shell offer easier customizing and a shape that holds better and for longer. The tiny dimples make the shell easier to heat and mold. Head into one of our Christy Sports locations to try on a Tecnica boot for yourself, or to ensure your Tecnica boot is a steller fit for your foot!

Product Spotlight: Tecnica’s Mach1 Ski Boot

The Mach1 is Tecnica’s all-mountain, high performance boot ready to tackle any terrain. The Tecnica Mach1 ski boot is the perfect boot for a skier who loves the feel of a performance boot but doesn’t want or need the full flex of a race boot. It’s a great choice for a less aggressive, all-mountain skier who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort or responsiveness.

Shop the Tecnica Mach1 now

5 Steps to Boot Fitting with Christy Sports

A great boot fitting is essential for skiing throughout the winter season. Being warm and comfortable on the slopes will allow you to enjoy your sport longer, perform better, and improve quicker. The right ski boot for you can make or break the entire experience. This complex journey to find the perfect boot fit doesn’t need to be travelled alone. Follow our five steps to a great boot fit below and let our expert boot fitters at any of our Christy Sports rental shops help, and you will be well on your way!

  1. Choose a Specialty Boot Shop

Where you shop for ski boots does matter! Your ski boots are the most important and most complex pieces of winter sports gear you may ever purchase. Not only should boots match your skill level, but they must also match your foot and leg shape. You want this “feel” to be right the first time.

That’s why we recommend visiting a specialty shop that has an in-depth inventory of boot stock, experienced boot fitters, and a complete cross section of tools to analyze and adapt boots for that perfect fit and performance to your particular feet and needs. Buying your boots and having them fitted from a shop such as Christy Sports assures you the boot techs have received the best training and expertise available to help you make the right choice.

  1.  Communicate With Your Boot Fitter

When it comes to proper ski boot fitting, be sure you have good communication between you and your boot tech. Is the boot fitter genuinely listening to you? Pay attention to the right questions that should be asked:

  • What type of skier are you? Cautious, Moderate, or Aggressive?
  • Where do you typically ski and how often do you ski?
  • What boot fitting issues have you had in the past? Or currently have?
  • Do you have any medical issues or other problems with your feet or movement?
  • What are your skiing goals? etc.

Addressing these questions and concerns and working one-on-one with a certified boot tech will help you narrow down your choices when searching for that perfect boot fit.

  1. Create an In-Store Foot Profile

This is probably the most important step in the boot fitting process. Your boot tech should measure and analyze both of your foot sizes (surprisingly, your left and right foot may be different!) in length, width, arch length, instep height, and calf volume. Some factors a boot tech will consider when creating your foot profile include:

  • Shape:  Your foot shape is just as important as size. Are your feet ballet dancer’s feet or “Fred Flintstone” feet? Never fear – there is a boot for every shaped foot.
  • Flexibility:  How flexible are your ankles, mid-foot, and balls of your feet?
  • Variations:  A good boot tech will consider specific issues such as bunions, calluses, or injuries.
  • CANT Analysis:  Also known as “boot alignment,” your boot fitter should have the tools and knowledge to measure your personal alignment and make adjustments to your ski boots to improve your performance. Typically, a cant adjustment is either a boot grind or shim between the sole and chassis of the boot. For example, if you stand knock kneed or bow legged when in your boots, your range of motion to one side or another is limited, resulting in lack of power or difficulty linking turns or over torqueing the ski, making it difficult to glide smoothly. Or, maybe you’ve simply plateaued and your skiing is just not advancing – time to check your alignment. You will be amazed at the improvement in your skiing with canting. It can open up whole new possibilities on the hill!
  1. Try, Compare, Choose

Buying ski boots is a process not to be rushed through. A plastic boot shell will not mold to your foot’s shape and subtle nuances, even if you wear it all day, every day, for 25 years, so take your time to make the right choice. Even with the guidance of a certified boot tech, you should still plan on trying on a variety of different brands, models, and sizes.

Ideally, the boot tech will narrow down your options to the best few styles that match the characteristics of your foot and your skiing ability and style. When you feel you have found a gem, leave the boots on your feet and walk around the shop for 10 or 15 minutes, flexing repeatedly to seat the foot and start the foam’s compressing. Be patient and don’t judge the boots until they are buckled up and you flex forward. The boot will seem tight up front – REMEMBER – the liner will compress over time. It’s better to start with a close-fitting boot than later try to make a boot smaller. Simulate skiing by working the boots forward and side-to-side. It may take 3-4 minutes to begin to get the feel of the boot. As you are “working” the boots, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the boot snug and does it provide a contained uniform grip of your foot?
  • Are there any pressure points?
  • Does the flex feel uniform and consistent?
  • Do you feel your foot moving around?
  • Does the boot feel too stiff, too soft, or just right?

(the boot fitter will also help address this as “in the shop vs on the hill” can be slightly different)

You may need to try on two different model boots at the same time, or different sizes of the same model. Keep in mind, these are NOT your comfy slippers or casual shoes.

  1. Customize

You have chosen the best ski boots for you, and now it’s time to customize! Checkout some of these great additions to personally customize your boots and make them even better:

  • Liners:  Most contemporary ski boots have heat moldable inner boots or liners.
  • Shell:  Many boots now have a moldable shell.
  • Footbeds:  Footbeds are essential for both a great boot fit and to ski well. They keep your feet from moving and causing discomfort, even injury! Footbeds hold the foot in a fixed position, so if the boot tech needs to change the shell shape to match your unique foot shape, he or she is not chasing a moving target.
  • Shell Alterations: If you have dramatic unique high points, the boot fitter should be able to make shell alterations to accommodate even the most unusual foot variations. Stretches, padding or grinds for bunions, or big ankles, or high insteps should all be included in a full boot fit if needed. Our Christy Sports boot fitters’ experience and expertise will have you happy and skiing better than ever.
  • The “Little Extras”: It’s the little things like mini alterations, heel lifts, adjusting buckles, and cuff angles, as needed that will ensure you are dialed in and the boots truly match your feet. All ski boots offer various micro adjustments to further customize them for your “feet” happiness.

So, pop into to any of our Christy Sports rental shops and have our experienced boot techs analyze your feet and help to narrow down your choices to find that perfect boot fit!

Ski boot fitters gather around for Christy Sports' Boot Fit Training

Christy Sports Boot Fit Training

Ski boots are far from Cinderella’s glass slipper. Your Christy Sports boot fitter won’t slip a boot on your foot and cross their fingers it fits. Hours of training and development go into breeding boot fitters who leverage their expertise while putting the customers’ needs first to create an experience that is enjoyable both on the slopes and in the shop.

Throughout our shops in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Washington, are individuals highly trained in the art of gearing guests up for their best day on the mountain skiing or boarding. We strongly believe the greatest gear set up starts with a boot that fits flawlessly. Our boot fitters go through hours of training and hold years of experience under their boot buckles.

One such facet of development? Our annual boot fit training, held on the Front Range and in the mountains and ran by our Ski Boot Buyer, Joe Liefer. The training is focused on reiterating important aspects of the ski boot fit process to our expert boot fitters and teaching them new tidbits to enhance the customer experience and help create comfort and longevity on the mountain. The training, held in October just before ski season ramps up, is just one example of the time and energy spent making sure our boot fitters can stand behind their work in the shop in order to give you two comfortable feet to stand on among the slopes.

Don’t Let Your Ski Boots Ruin Your Day

Our Boot Fit Guarantee is a crucial value add of purchasing ski boots through Christy Sports. We won’t just sell you a boot, we’ll make sure it WORKS for you, allowing our guests to head into any Christy Sports to have their boots tweaked following purchase if they aren’t living up to expectations. We have slope-side stores at almost every major resort in Colorado and Utah, meaning you can head in to consult a boot expert the second you need an adjustment. Come place your feet in our highly competent hands!

In this series of posts, we’re covering one of our annual boot fit trainings, where some of our most skilled boot fitters have the chance to brush up on their craft and experts in the field show newer boot fitters the ropes in a hands-on environment. Learn just how much time and effort is put behind placing boot fitters in our store that can ensure your time on the mountain is as enjoyable as possible. Stay tuned! 

Bob Gleason talks to Christy Sports boot fitters.

Bob Gleason educates Christy Sports boot fitters.