Ski Pants for Tall People

Ski pants, like any clothing, are not a one-size-fits-all deal. You are especially familiar with this truth if you are a taller-than-average or shorter-then-average human who enjoys hitting the slopes. Some brands have made ski pants in varying lengths keeping in mind that each one of us skiers and boarders is a unique snowflake.

If you find yourself afflicted with this common problem, we can help. Here are a few brands to focus on if regular length just won’t cut it for your time on the mountain:

Snow Pants That Come in Lengths:

Check out some ski pants for men and women that come in both long & short.

For Gals:

For Guys:

Be proud of your height! But don’t settle for high-waters while shredding down the mountain or tripping over ski pants that are too long when getting off the lift. Turn to some of these trusted brands and styles that come in varying length and be the unique snowflake you are!

If you’re struggling with ski pant length, we hope this is a helpful place to start. If you need a little more assistance, pop into one of our Christy Sports locations and let our team show you some gear! Or, help your fellow skiers and boarders that aren’t of average height out by sharing some of your favorite brands that come in varying lengths in the comments below!