Don’t be “That Guy/ Gal” -Ski Etiquette on the Slopes


We want everyone to enjoy their time out on the slopes. Don’t you? Just like eating a meal in a nice restaurant, there are some guidelines to follow while skiing or boarding as not to ruin others’ time and to avoid being “that person” on the mountain. Here is a list to get you started:


Look Out Below

It’s the responsibility of skiers and boarders coming down the slopes to navigate through the shredders in front of them. We especially see new skiers worried they are going too “slow” to allow those behind them to ski at their desired speed. But it’s a skier or boarder’s job to yield to those in front. The skier in front has the right of way! Always make sure, however, to take in your surroundings upslope when trails merge.


Slow Down

Ok, so you’re a speed demon. Feel free to (safely) fly down the slopes! But it’s time to pump the breaks when trails are merging or near the base areas. Most resorts will have signs indicating where these “go slow” areas lie. Even in the absence of said signs, you should also never go so fast that you don’t have control. Don’t put yourself and others at risk no matter how great that adrenaline rush feels.


Don’t be a Lift Hog

When you’re skiing alone or with a small group, it can be tempting to secure a lift all to yourself. If there are other skiers waiting, however, you and your buddy hopping on a quad alone just isn’t cool- look out for single skiers (generally in their own line) that can help fill up the ski lift and move the line along. Likewise, don’t be obnoxious in lift lines by yelling at people to hurry it up or hitting other boards/ skis. Be patient, we’re all excited!


Use Headphones

Rock out to your music all you want while you shred, just don’t force others to be subjected to your favorite playlist. It probably goes without saying that not everyone has the same music taste. In addition, some lift-goers like to take in the mountain nature in silence. Use headphones rather than blasting your music on a speaker and don’t let your jam put others in a jam.


Get out of the Way

Don’t stop in a spot that obstructs a trail. Whether to chat with buds or adjust your boots, pick an area that is out of the way and won’t present as a hazard to skiers coming down the hill or around corners where they aren’t like to spot you.


Be Aware of Beginners/ Lessons

We were all new once. It’s hard enough to worry about technique in between falls without having to also watch your back for reckless skiers around you. Give groups taking lessons plenty of room. And don’t blast past newbies who look like they might be struggling. You might just ruin their skiing or boarding experience altogether!


While this isn’t an exhaustive list of how not to be a mountain menace, it will most certainly help increase the enjoyment of those around you as well as the safety of yourself and others on the slopes. If you are unsure about etiquette, don’t be afraid to ask one of our Christy Sports rental techs while they are setting up your rentals!