Old snowboard on wood floor

We know what it’s like to become attached to a snowboard. (and not just literally) The valuable time you spend with it strapped to your foot while taking in breathtaking views from the lift, the way it carries you down the slopes. But when is it time to break that cherished bond with your board and upgrade to a new snowboard?

The rules for replacing your board differ from those for replacing your skis or replacing your bindings. This is because barring any major damage, your board can carry you through quite a few seasons on the slopes.

What is considered “major damage” to your board?

We’ve seen boards snapped clear in half- that’s an obvious reason to replace your board. Some less apparent cosmetic reasons include minor cracks which can impact the feel of your ride, a lifting top sheet, or an abundance of core shots to your board. Many of these ailments can be repaired, but the damage overtime can become too extensive to fix.

The level of rider you are and the type of terrain you prefer will certainly play into the likelihood of doing irreversible damage to your snowboard as well as how quickly your board wears out. For instant, if you’re a park rider who enjoys hitting jumps, you have a higher chance of breaking your board. If you enjoy cruising down groomers, you and your board might have the chance for season after season of bonding.

What if you just want the latest & greatest?

Just because you don’t NEED to replace your board, doesn’t mean you don’t want to. Snowboard technology is advancing year after year and it’s ok the want the latest and greatest. Some of the evolving technologies include a volume shift to shorter and wider boards, lighter-weight materials (especially in the core), a 3D base construction, and boards built for more sustainability.

You also might not need to replace your board, but might want to simply add to your collection. Different boards have different functions. For instance, powder boards are created for fresh pow whereas split boards are ideal for backcountry snowboarding.

Snowboarders during sunset

Not sure if your board can last another season? Stop by one of our Christy Sports locations and our experts can help you decide if your board is past its prime. Or, if damage done is minor, they can repair it for you so you can enjoy it for seasons to come!