Old ski boots on a wooden floor

From “Vintage” to “Time to Replace”

It’s hard to attach a number to exactly how long your ski boots will last since it depends on how many days you ski, how many hours per day, and how aggressively you shred. The level of care you give your footwear, like whether you properly store your ski boots during the offseason, will also factor into their lifespan. Skiing on boots than are far past their prime can be downright dangerous as your discomfort increases and your control decreases. Without the ability to assign an exact number to their lifespan, here are some telltale signs it may be time to buy new ski boots.

Might be time to replace your ski boots:

If they’re hurting your feet

Ski boots are infamous for being uncomfortable, although there are steps you can take to remedy this. But if your boots are becoming especially painful or rubbing in spots they’ve never bothered you before, it could be because the are breaking down. Additionally, feeling like your boots are too loose no matter how hard to work to tighten them may also indicate the liner is packed out and no longer doing its thing.

If the soles are worn down

You can visibly see when your soles have had their fair share of wear & tear. But this issue isn’t purely cosmetic: it’s a safety concern. Soles that have seen better days might not release properly from your binding, putting you at risk on the mountain. When checking your soles, focus especially on the heal and toe areas. If the soles are worn down, chances are the boot itself is as well.

If skiing feels more challenging

Do you find yourself out on the hill saying “Hmm.. this used to be easier.” That might not just be due to aging as we know a lot of great skiers who only got better over time, like a fine wine. As your boots break down they lose their structural integrity, causing you to lose control over your skis. Increased movement in the boot is probably reducing your control. Over time, the plastic shell can lose its elasticity & become more brittle. This reduces the flexibility and pop that helps you transfer energy through to your skis. We don’t think it’s time to retire just yet but it may be time to retire those boots.

Do your boots fit the above criteria? It may be time to say so long to your “well-loved” boots and start shopping around for a new pair. The good news is, ski boot technology is constantly improving so new ski boots will give you the chance to reap the benefits of the “latest & greatest.” But where to start? Shop our annual Powder Daze Sale to find the best deals on ski gear in Colorado!

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2019 Powder Daze Sale Locations:

Steamboat Ski Sale

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West Vail Ski Sale

Dates: 8/16/19-8/25/19

Location: 2161 N Frontage Road West, Unit 1

Denver Ski Sale

Dates: 8/23/19-9/3/19

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Dillon Ski Sale

Dates: 8/23/19-9/2/19

Location: 817 Hwy 6 Dillon, CO 80435

Online Ski Sale

Dates: 8/14/19-9/3/19

Location: www.store.christysports.com