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Colorado Mountain Biking Lifts

Just Take the Lift! Mountain Biking in Colorado

Ski lifts aren’t just for skiing. When the warm sun melts the snow blanketing towns at higher elevation, ski resorts serve as a mountain biker’s haven. If you’ve ever dreamed...

Getting Your Mountain Bike Ready

Getting Your Mountain Bike Ready for the Season

Snow is still falling on the Rockies but sunnier days are just around the corner. You wouldn’t try to run a marathon when you hadn’t laced up your running shoes...

Spring Skiing: How to Pond Skim

Springtime in Colorado often brings about what some call a “rite of passage” from one season into the next, especially when it comes to skiing and riding. It’s the time...

Why We Love Spring Skiing

Why We Love Spring Skiing

We’ve experienced quite the year for epic amounts of powder, so hitting the slopes right now might not even feel like it can be classified as “spring skiing.” But, alas,...

Your Ski Helmet Won't Last Forever

Your Ski Helmet Won’t Last Forever

Head, noggin, skull, cranium. No matter what you call it, the part of your anatomy that protects your brain is worth protecting. We’re happy to say that most skiers these...

Atomic Skis at Christy Sports

Brand Story: Atomic

Atomic is an Austrian company that has been manufacturing skis, and manufacturing them well, for over 50 years. Since Atomic only makes skis and not snowboards, the brand can truly...

Ski Pants for Tall People

Snow Pants for Tall People (and not so tall people)

Ski pants, like any clothing, are not a one-size-fits-all deal. You are especially familiar with this truth if you are a taller-than-average or shorter-then-average human who enjoys hitting the slopes....

Love at First Shred- How Skiing & Boarding Strengthens Relationships

Love at First Shred- How Skiing & Boarding Strengthens Relationships

No matter your level or whether you choose skis or a board, shredding some pow may just be the spark that ignites a flame. Just ask Christy Sport’s marketing manager...

Ski gear for variable weather.

Suiting up for the Slopes-Ski Gear for Variable Weather

In Colorado, the weather can change at the drop of a beanie, so getting dressed in the morning can be a shot in the dark. This especially rings true when...

Tecnica Ski Boots

Christy Sports & Tecnica Believe in Comfortable Ski Boots

You skis boots should never ruin your day out on the slopes. Did you know many common complaints about ski boots can be remedied by knowledge of the proper way...

Christy Sports and HEAD Skis

Brand Story: HEAD Skis

HEAD is a brand that reinvented skiing as we know it in the 50’s when they added metal laminates to their skis, a design that changed the market moving forward....

Learn to Ski and Ride Month

We Were All New Once- Learn to Ski or Ride This Month in Colorado!

Here at Christy Sports we celebrate skiing and riding every month of the year. (yes, even in the heat of summer) But come January, we celebrate a little extra for...