There are some telltale signs that winter is quickly approaching, and chief among them is the annual parade of new ski and snowboard movies.  Earlier and earlier each year, the top names in the ski movie biz are pushing their premiere’s out to a hungry public.  Pow Hounds and Park Rats alike partake in the festivities, leaving the movies with a sense of excitement and an undeniable desire for winter to hurry up and arrive.

If you didn’t make it to the shows this year but still want to check out the new flicks and get stoked for the upcoming winter, here are a few movies worth looking into:

MSP Films, Days Of My Youth

The Matchstick crew always delivers. Always.  However, Days Of My Youth does more than just deliver; this movie will blow your mind!  The story line is shaped and narrated by the writings of British Philosopher Alan Watts, which sounds a little strange, but actually adds a really cool aspect to the whole movie.  From the super beginner days all the way through a face meltingly intense chute, Days Of My Youth, brings every aspect of the perfect ski movie together, plus a little extra.  I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I loved this movie…

Unicorn Picnic, Pretty Faces

Finally, finally, finally, there is a movie out there that puts a sparkly spin on that played out saying, ‘you ski like a girl’.  In a Kickstarter campaign, Lindsay Dyer brought together a phenomenal group of the top female athletes, and for the first time in a full feature ski movie, no guys, no beards; just a gaggle of INCREDIBLE ladies skiing lines and dropping cliffs that will keep your eyes wide and your jaw on the floor.  Trust me, when the credits roll, you will either be glad you are a girl, or wish you could ski like one.

TGR, Almost Ablaze

First off, this movie just won the Film of the Year Award at the IF3 festival which is kind of a big deal, so if you don’t know what the IF3 is about, you should probably check it out.  Anyways, Almost Ablaze mixes it up in this film, showing impressive skiing (obviously) as well as trippy new ideas with some artsy videography.  This movie doesn’t waste much time with story lines, but instead uses all of its energy in shot after shot awesomeness.  Definitely worth owning!

TGR Presents Jeremy Jones’ Higher

WOW.  If you haven’t seen one of Jeremy Jones’ movies, let me tell you what not to expect.  You won’t see any tall T’s, oversized headphones, double corks, or handrails.  However, you won’t really miss all that stuff.  Instead, you get to see some seriously passionate people climbing and then riding some seriously intense lines.  In his final installment to the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy, Jeremy Jones takes his snowboarding to entirely different heights, which almost seems impossible.  Watching what he and his crew are able to accomplish is impressive if you only look at the lines they are riding, but when you get to see the effort and determination it took to get to the top of those imposing lines….wow…just wow.

Yep, winter is coming.  Are you stoked yet?