Lone Star Sports- Breckenridge Ski Rental & Repair

The wood-clad entrance marked with a Lone Star Sports sign is a familiar site to both Breck locals and those that have been ski-cationing in the beautiful town of Breckenridge year after year. Now part of the Christy Sports family, the ski shop’s rich history invites patrons back time and time again to rent and purchase equipment just a hop, skip, and a jump from The Gondola.

Notable features such as the original entrance, designed to mimic a mine shaft, and the old Breck post office entrance that now leads to the repair shop give Lone Star the same look and feel it had in the 80’s. It was important to Christy Sports to maintain the integrity of the ski shop and continue to welcome back guests that had been loyally giving the store their business for over three decades, as well as welcome new customers setting out to ski the Summit County slopes.

When Christy Sports purchased the Lone Star Sports location from the Abernathy’s in 2013, we understood the long history of success and deeply rooted loyal local community that had supported LoneStar for decades,” says Gordan Wade, Director of Ecommerce at Christy Sports and long time Breck resident.  

Wade adds, “It has been our mission at Christy Sports to respect and grow from this foundation of success.  The Christy Sports Lone Star location continues its reputation as the best tune shop in town with many long time technicians still applying their craft.”

Original Breck post office entrance.

The original Breck Post Office entrance now leads to the Lone Star repair shop.

Lone Star Sports mine shaft entrance.

The ceiling above the Lone Star entrance, mimicking a mine shaft.

Don’t Get Rid of Those Wrecked Skis Just Yet

Lone Star Sports’ beginnings are heavily rooted in the art of ski repair. Nothing ruins a great run quite like feeling the thump and grind of a rock under foot and wondering “Are my skis ruined?” Maybe your skis are years old but hold a special place in your heart or maybe you just pulled the trigger on a shiny new board the week before. Regardless, core shots to the skis or board can be a shot to the heart. Lone Star is more than happy to repair skis and mend hearts.

Breckenridge ski repair.

Store manager Jett repairs a core shot to a ski.

The shop started with a sharp focus on ski repair and tuning and still totes one of the most robust repair shops in Summit County. Ski and board repair and tuning is truly Lone Star Sports’ bread and butter. Lone Star’s collection of equipment features a slew of machines for tuning and repair, including the most impressive of them all, The Saphir. Designed to stone grind bases and edges and tune skis to perfection, the Saphir by Montana frees up staff to focus on more complicated, manual repairs. Their sizable ski repair shop and impressive assembly of machines comes complete with a team adept at operating them. The employees in the repair shop undoubtedly have an unmatched eye for fixes. If the question after a rough day on the mountain and a reluctant look at your skis or board is “Can they fit it?” The answer is most likely “YES.”

A recent customer with some gnarly repair needs calls Lone Star the “best ski tune in summit! Fixed all my gnarly core shots from this season and made the skis brand new. Very knowledgeable staff with fantastic rental fleet as well.”  

Breckenridge ski tuning and repair.

The Saphir.

The Lone Star Sports Team

The look and feel of the shop and their ski repair expertise aren’t the only well-known aspects of Lone Star Sports. The team brings a ton of character to the shop. Spend a few minutes in the Breck ski shop and you’ll likely witness the ear-to-ear smiles of return customers heading in to greet their favorite Lone Star employees. From locals meandering around Main Street to vacationing families making their way back to Lone Star to rent for the fourth or fifth time, it’s the team that truly keeps patrons coming back for more.

In addition to utilizing their expertise to outfit customers for a great day on any one of Breck’s many peaks, a regular day behind the counter at Lone Star is certainly not lacking in fun. The employees are truly passionate about winter sports. That shines through even in their daily work schedules, as most shop employees work split shifts in order to hop on the gondola and take some lunch runs. The employees are also avid participants in their very own Game of Gnar, with a scoreboard in their back room and the winning trophy perched above the rental counter for all to admire.


“The Game of Gnar” Trophy, perched above the rental counter.

In addition to their savvy repair team and extensive army of equipment, Lone Star employs some of the most qualified ski boot fitters in the county and features a fleet of rental equipment that would make any skier be happy they forgot their skis at home.

Lone Star is bringing a legacy of charm and character to ski and snowboard rental, repair, and retail in the heart of Breckenridge. Pop in and say hello to their team should you find yourself making your way through the town and treat yourself to an overdue ski tune or some last-minute accessories to keep you warm on the mountain. Or, should you find yourself glaring down at your skis after an unfortunate encounter with a rock thinking “I can’t believe I did that,” let their expert repair team take a crack at saving the day.