K2 is back and firing on all cylinders this season. With all the recent changes in this Seattle-based company, it’s no mystery why they are turning heads left and right! Their new flagship line of skis is something you will not want to miss out on. Introducing the all new Mindbender series covering skis and boots! With a vast range of ski widths, there is something in the Mindbender series for every skier type and snow condition, giving you that option of a narrow front side groomer ski to a big mountain set up. To quote the K2 team “These skis are tailored and targeted to kick up dust, blast pow, and knife on hardpack.”.

The Christy Sports team was lucky enough to meet up with some of the ambassador’s from K2 earlier this winter to see exactly why they loved the new Mindbender line up. With a couple new inches of snow on the ground, the day of skiing was perfect and there is no better way to get a feel for skis than ripping around with hard charging K2 ambassadors.

Founder and owner of Ski Town All Stars Chris Bivona, is one of the K2 athletes we skied with and is no stranger to laying down a front-side edge. Chris enjoys all terrain with his ski of choice, the K2 Mindbender 99TI.


Kelly Vanhee, a Vail Valley local, is one of the female K2 ambassadors we caught up with after skiing all day. Kelly loves to get out there and rip in all snow conditions. Her gear of choice is the Mindbender Alliance boots and skis packaged together for an all mountain threat.


Bryan Finocchiaro, a local hard charging ripper in the Vail Valley and k2 ambassador, had some positive feedback on the Mindbender 108TI. He mentioned having the 108TI as a one-ski quiver, but we always think there is room for more after skiing the different models!

The Mindbender series for both men and women have a wood core base giving it that light snappy feel under foot. The men’s ski has a Titanal layer which gives the ski a full sheet of metal under the core and then what the brand calls a “Y-Beam” on the top of the core. This stiffens the overall feel of the ski , giving it more of that poppy responsive feeling. The women’s ski uses a Carbon Spectral Braid over the core of the ski, this gives that women’s ski a nice supportive and stiff feeling too! With that Carbon Spectral Braid throughout the ski, it allows women to charge the through any conditions without running into chatter.

The ski season is in full force now and it’s time to get out there to either demo some K2 skis or maybe purchase a set for yourself or your loved one. The K2 Mindbender series will replace the pervious ski series: the Pinnacle and wider Luv line, along with pretty much anything else in your garage. The new and improved line is going to have a more impressive performance level that will not disappoint. Get to a Christy Sports near you to try one today!