Staying in Shape for Ski Season

When the flakes fly, nobody wants to hit their first run of the ski season huffing and puffing. That’s a quick way to lose cool points, man. But when the snow is gone and the last resort has closed its final runs, what’s a skier to do in order to stay in shred-shape and fend off injuries for the season to come? We have a few ideas.

Tips to Stay in Shape for Skiing

Hit the Gym

When the snow stops falling, continue to train your various muscle groups with a special focus on legs and core, advice that makes sense when you think about what muscles we tend to flex out on the mountain. Although, we still don’t recommend neglecting your upper body in case you have to dig yourself out of a tree well. In addition, cardio work to build stamina will help you with every aspect of your day out on the slopes, whether you’re skinning up to your favorite run or shuffling to the lodge for après.

Check out some moves from Outside Online to get you started on your off-season conditioning.

Disclaimer: We are not certified to provide personal training advice and you should always check with your doctor before starting any sort of workout regimen!

Try Yoga

Yoga isn’t just about getting in a good head space while you’re yearning for your favorite winter activity. (“close your eyes and imagine snow softly falling..”) Yoga is great for building flexibility and balance, two physical attributes crucial to skiing and snowboarding. In addition, practicing steady breath will make exerting yourself at altitude easier and many athletes claim keeping their bodies limber helps them to prevent injuries. So whether you join a yoga studio or start with short YouTube videos, hop on your mat and do some down dogs and tree poses. Namaste!

Adopt Warm-Weather Hobbies

With an abundance of sunshine in the summer months, don’t spend all your time conditioning in a gym. Step off the treadmill to soak up some vitamin D and take in the scenery. Even better, explore some activities at altitude like hiking or mountain biking to keep your lungs in tip top shape. Keep your connection with nature year-round and find summer activities that can take place on the exact slope sides you traverse down on skis during the chillier months. If you land on the right activity, you’ll stay in shape without even feeling like you’re trying!

Eat Healthy-ish

Less on-mountain expenditure should mean less of the après beers and cheese fries. We’re certainly not suggesting you swear off the craft beer for the summer as some of the best beer festivals take place in the warmer months. We’re just suggesting you follow that beer up with an apple every now and again. Good nutrition is key for keeping your body strong and healthy. While we are not nutritionists either, we are proponents of balance in all things, including diet. Fuel your body with healthy food but enjoy that cookie!

Keep Your Gear in Shape

This doesn’t mean putting your snowboard on a diet or signing your skis boots up for a workout class, but there are ways to make sure your gear is ready for next season. Skis and boards should be cleaned, waxed, and stored in a cool & dry spot. Ski and snowboard boots should also be cleaned, buckled up, and stored in an appropriate environment indoors. Keeping your gear in shape starts with not stuffing it in the corner of your garage with other knick knacks piled up on top.

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