Arguably the most anticipated sporting event in the world is fast-approaching and we couldn’t be more excited that the games in Korea will take place primarily on ice and snow, our bread and butter! As we prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics, learn about some of the brands taking center stage for team USA.

Winter Olympic Brands

Curious about the brands flooding the Olympic spotlight? Look toward these leading labels if you need:

A Winning Helmet

Giro is an athlete go-to in noggin protection. For over 30 years, Giro has combined “Science & Soul” to provide their wearers in both skiing and snowboarding with not just comfort and protection but “the sense of freedom and adventure.” Giro constructed the latest in MIPS (multi directional impact protection) helmets to be worn by downhill skiers. This advanced technology is designed to protect against high-speed crashes, as the downhill skiers at the Olympics this year are bound to reach speeds of up to 90 mph. Look out for the prominent block letters reading G-I-R-O resting on the heads of the U.S. ski team this winter.

Giro Ski Helmet Olympics

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First Place Goggles

As you can imagine, seeing is an important component of skiing, for Olympic athletes and weekend warriors alike. When it comes to blocking out the sun, a couple of our favorite brands do it best:

Oakley is a brand well-known for both their trendy shades and their functional goggles. Oakley is not just focused on delivering the highest-quality product to athletes across many sports, but supports an array of social issues. The brand has sponsored multiple U.S. ski team athletes over the years and this February will be no exception.

Oakley Ski Goggles Olympics

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Smith is another brand that will be gracing the faces of a number of U.S. athletes on the slopes of South Korea in a few short weeks. Smith Optics created the first snow goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. To the lot of us, that may just be a fancy way of exemplifying the innovation of the brand. To the athletes, it’s everything.

Smith Ski Goggles Olympics

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Championship-Caliber Ski Clothing

Spyder has been the official apparel partner of the U.S. Ski Team since 1989 and was the designer of this year’s uniforms. The uniforms symbolize “the drive for greatness, the ambition to achieve gold, and the generations before us” and represents “the USA and Spyder’s alpine history in the Winter Olympics,” according to Spyder. But you don’t have to qualify for the Winter Olympics to slip into a sleek Spyder jacket or pair of state-of-the-art ski pants. The brand outfits skiers on and off the race course.

Spyder Ski Jacket Olympics

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Superior Skis

When it comes to skis,  Head is certainly ahead of the game. Head Skis outfits well-known athletes like Lindsay Vonn and Ted Ligety, so there is no question in the mind of slope-goers,  they’re built to perform. You won’t just find the Austria-based company’s skis attached to the limbs of U.S. athletes- Head skis sponsors athletes across the world while still making their patented Kore technology available to you and I. The brand promises “Kore is a ski that strips away everything that could drag you down.” And who wants to be dragged down while enjoying a bluebird day on the mountain?

Head Skis Olympics

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Snowboarding Gear

Burton is effortlessly synonymous with snowboarding and has been manufacturing gear to support riders since the sport’s start. In fact, it’s hard to to think about shreddin’ the gnar without the brand’s name coming to mind. Burton totes the world’s first snowboard factory and is led to innovation by their unwavering passion for the sport. From ground-breaking boards, to snowboard bindings, to snowboarding jackets and outerwear, the brand never loses sight of its main goal: to “change the way people enjoy the outdoors,” specifically with their dogs strapped to a board.

Burton was the designer of the U.S. Snowboarding Team’s uniform for the 2018 Winter Olympics, their 4th time outfitting the squad from head to toe. The astronaut-inspired uniforms are sure to turn heads as the team tears up the mountains of PyeongChang.

Burton Snowboards Olympics

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Olympic Fashion

Are you passionate about cheering on our U.S. athletes this Winter Olympics, both on and off the slopes? Dress the part and show your support for your athletes with some of these patriotic pieces:

For Men:


Helly Hansen Juniper II Jacket in Royal Blue 

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Bogner Fire + Ice Farell 1/4 Zip Top 

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Mammut Stoney HS Pant in Red

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For Women:


Bogner Macie Jacket 

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Krimson Klover Star Sweater 

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Bogner Liza 2 Pant in Red 

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