Getting Your Mountain Bike Ready

Snow is still falling on the Rockies but sunnier days are just around the corner. You wouldn’t try to run a marathon when you hadn’t laced up your running shoes for months would you? Don’t except prime performance out of your bike without giving it proper attention when the weather warms up. Make sure your mountain bike is as ready as you are to hit the trails. We strongly recommend getting a tune at an experienced bike shop to kick off mountain biking season.

Tune In…

Taking your bike to the pros to get it tuned can be quick & affordable. Christy Sports has four full-service bike shops that offer mountain bike tunes in Frisco, Crested Butte, and Winter Park. Our West Vail location also offers tunes but is closed for remodel.

In line with the majority of bike shops, Christy Sports offers different levels of tunes. They will vary slightly by location but generally cover the following:

  1. Minor Tune– A thorough safety inspection of bicycle frame and all its components. Adjustments of brakes, shifting, and headset. Lubrication of drivetrain. Check tires and washing of bike.
  2. Standard Tune– An on-the-bike cleaning of the drive train. Cleaning and inspection of the bike frame. Check and adjust: shifting, brakes, headset, and adjustable bearings. Lubrication of drivetrain and check tires.
  3. Full Tune- Remove and clean drivetrain, detail bike including wheels, check and adjust: shifting, brakes, headset, and adjustable bearings. Lubrication of drivetrain and check tires/ suspension front and rear: condition, linkage and settings.

Our team can also repair your bike if something’s not quite right. Additional services include:Getting your mountain bike ready for the trails

  • Brake bleed
  • Wheel build
  • Replace spoke
  • Fork rebuild
  • Bottom bracket service
  • Tubular tire gluing
  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Brake adjustment
  • Flat repair (tube sold separately)
  • Install tubeless sealant per wheel
  • Box bike
  • & more

For more information on tunes and repairs or if your questioning what you need for your riding, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help!

Ride Around the Block 

Once your bike is tuned & ready, take it for a ride on an easy, familiar trail. Or, at the very least, a cruise around the block to make sure everything is in order. Ensure your tire pressure feels good, your seat is at the perfect height, and your breaks are prepared to stop you in a jiffy. The last thing you want is to realize your bike is in sub-par shape when you’re halfway through a long, difficult ride or a trail you don’t know very well.

Check Your Gear

A helmet is only equipped to protect your noggin through one fall and your bike is only reliable if the gear that connects you to it is in good shape. Examine the cleats on your bike shoes for wear & tear, clean out your hydration pack, and replace the band-aids & supplies in your first aid kit.

Try New Trails

Mountain biking can be a dangerous sport and we can’t stress enough taking the highest precautions when you hit the trail. But like any endurance sport, pushing yourself slightly beyond your comfort zone can mean marked improvement in your skill mastery. Perhaps you AND your freshly tuned bike are ready for a trail that outranks your go-to trail in difficulty. If you’re itching to kick it up a notch, consult your local bike shop about new trails to try. Our bike shop employees are passionate about the sport and love chatting with guests about their favorite spots to ride! Maybe you’ll even see them out there.

New to the sport? Check out our Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners for help getting started.