Chrsity Sports Spring Breaks Tips

Spring break 2020 is here and what better way of enjoying the sunshine than on the ski slopes with family and friends? Slushy turns and quirky outfits bring this special time of year to life, but you don’t want to cut your fun short. Make sure you are prepared with our list of top five Spring Break essentials that are sure to have you getting the most out of your skiing or snowboarding adventures.

  1. Shell Jackets:Shell jackets are a crucial piece to your Spring Break skiing and riding gear list! There is nothing worse than fighting the never-ending cold/hot cycle when on the hill. Shell jackets include technology to keep you protected from the wind while releasing body heat to keep you comfortable through each turn. They carry heavy waterproof ratings, extra room to layer up, are very packable, and serve as an excellent seal around whatever you layer below – whether a t-shirt or maybe even a bathing suit? Shop the Christy Sports men’s or women’s shell jacket collection now to find your perfect spring jacket.
  2. Goggles & Sunglasses:Another essential item for your trip would be a good pair of goggles or sunglasses to keep you enjoying the weather while blocking out all the harmful ultraviolet rays. With the sun reflecting off of the snow, it’s important to keep your eyes safe from the elements. Pro tip: always ski in your goggles and switch to your shades when you find the perfect sundeck for some nice après festivities.
  3. Hydration Packs & Backpacks:Everyone needs a good backpack and most of us don’t travel without one, but can I bring it on the ski slopes? Backpacks are encouraged for the skier or rider who wants to be prepared throughout their day. Christy Sports carries a wide variety of backpacks that are very functional on and off the mountain. Water is a must in high altitude, and hydration packs let you combine hydration with storage!  There is nothing better than carrying supplies for a picnic with a view and added ability to stay hydrated all day long. Pro Tip: a majority of locations on the mountain have water stations to fill your water bladder.
  4. Spring Gloves:Sweaty hands can turn into cold frozen fingers pretty quickly. Make sure you have a good pair of spring gloves that are less insulated for the warmer weather but still have water and windproofing. You could even throw a pair in your hydration pack or backpack for when the sun is at its peak and you need a break from heavier mitts. As we mentioned previously, temperature regulation is the key to comfort!
  5. Skin Care:It’s important to protect your skin from the harsh effects of the sun in the spring. The sun’s rays are even stronger at higher altitudes and can reflect off the snow and water around you. We love a good goggle tan as much as the next ski bum, but high-altitude sunburns are not fun to deal with. See our selection of sunscreens and lip balms from proven brands like Sun Bum, AloeUp, Dermatone, and Joshua Tree Products. Just make sure whatever lip balm you are using contains more than 20 SPF to keep your lips from frying in the intense sun.

Now you are prepared to enjoy the beautiful spring conditions with the pro tips and essentials list. Forgot something? Stop by one of our Christy Sports locations to pick up any of these spring break essentials. We’ll see you out there.