Fade To Winter - MSP Films - Ski Films

Three seasons of the year, the only thought on every skier’s mind is, “just give me snow, and I’ll be happy.” For what skiers dread most is the long wait for next winter. As fall slowly fades away, skiers everywhere get that unmistakable excitement that only the season ahead can bring. Hence, when Bobby Brown, Markus Eder, PK Hunder and Michelle Parker finally get the chance to feel winter’s cool embrace, they take advantage. Fade To Winter documents the MSP gang’s relentless search for winter, and the uncanny skiing they unleash when they track it down –on three continents!

Fade To Winter kicks off its tour with the world premiere in Denver, Colorado, at the Paramount Theater on Oct. 10, 2015.

To see the full tour schedule and purchase tickets visit: http://skimovie.com/tour/