Waiting in long lines at a ski rental shop to rent your gear can be quite tiresome.  Wish there was a better way?  Let Door 2 Door by Christy Sports make the ski and snowboard rental process as easy and convenient as possible by bringing the ski shop to you.

Why Rent Skis/ Boards With Door 2 Door?

Serving 16 major ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, California, Idaho, and Wyoming, Door 2 Door (D2D) by Christy Sports has been providing the highest quality of service at customers’ doorsteps since 2004. The idea is to offer skiers and riders the same great high-quality rental equipment as Christy Sports, but without having to visit an actual rental shop location. We bring the entire store experience to you.

Some of the top reasons to rent ski and/or snowboard gear through D2D include:

  • Free Ski Gear Delivery

Through D2D, the rental shop experience is tailored towards you – the customer – in the comfort of your hotel room, lodge, or condo, on your schedule, and with free delivery of your ski / snowboard gear. Plus, once you are finished with the equipment at the end of your trip, D2D will pick it up free of charge as well, again at your convenience.

  • Gear Fitting

Our expert ski and snowboard techs ensure your gear fits properly and answer any questions you may have before sending you on your way. Our staff has years of rental shop and rental delivery experience. In addition, D2D has one of the largest selections of ski and snowboard rental equipment in the Rockies – over 70 models of ski and snowboards to choose from. For you, this means peace of mind by getting you and your family properly fitted for your individual ability levels and terrain preferences.

  • Mountainside Support

If you need to make adjustments to your rental gear at any time, you have the immediate support of on-mountain Christy Sports locations across Colorado and Utah. If there is not a Christy Sports location nearby (in the case of our California, Idaho, and Wyoming locations), our D2D team will gladly assist you slope side.

  • Ski Gear Discounts

As an added advantage, families can enjoy the same Kids Ski Free discount as with Christy Sports rentals. Ski and/or snowboard rentals for children ages 12 and under are free with an adult rental of four days or more. One Junior Ski or Snowboard package must be selected per adult to receive this discount.

Customers also receive a 20% discount on rental equipment by reserving in advance on line at d2dskis.com, or calling our Central Reservations line at 1-866-323-7547.

Ski rental delivery with Door 2 Door by Christy Sports.

How D2D Works

Our D2D team makes the rental delivery process as seamless as possible from start to finish. Guests begin by either going online or calling in their reservation and providing some basic information, primarily age, height, weight, shoe size, and ski/snowboard ability. Based on this information, our D2D expert techs will deliver the gear right to your door.

A professional D2D tech will fit everyone in your group with boots, and then determine what ski or snowboard length suits your ability level best. For riders, this also includes helping to decide on snowboard stance – whether you are “regular” (left foot forward) or “goofy” footed (right foot forward). Our expert techs will then set your ski/snowboard bindings, again to your ability level/snowboard stance. If a skier, the length of ski poles will be determined next. Finally, techs will help you select a helmet that fits comfortably. D2D staff encourages everyone to wear a helmet while skiing or riding.

When your ski trip comes to an end, simply call our D2D dispatch line and our techs will swing by and pick up the gear at a time that works best for you. If you need assistance along the way – whether it’s adjustments or trade-out of equipment, you may either call D2D or stop in at any Christy Sports store. Everyone on our D2D team is there to not only fit you properly, but to answer questions as well and make sure you have everything you need to enjoy a great day on the mountain.

Check out our helpful YouTube video:

Company Promise

D2D staff realizes there are several options available when it comes to choosing ski and snowboard rentals and in order to win customer trust, guest expectations must be exceeded. The goal is to get to know guests personally while on vacation and make future reservations easy. D2D is committed to providing the highest quality of service and value added prices while delivering the latest ski and snowboard rentals to your door at a convenient time for you and getting you properly fitted.

For your next ski trip this winter, let D2D bring the rental shop to you and make your overall ski / snowboard experience easier, more convenient, and more memorable.