selection of snowboard stomp pads

We were all new once- and we all remember the chairlift can be the most intimidating part of getting started. This is especially true on a snowboard, since chairlifts weren’t necessarily built to cater to the boarder. But you don’t have to dread the chairlift ride! Try a stomp pad on your snowboard.

What is a stomp pad?

A stomp pad is a pad made of a high-friction material that adheres to the top of your board. Most snowboard surfaces are naturally slippery, which can be enhanced when the board is wet with melting snow. A stomp pad is designed to help you gain some degree of control over your snowboard when you aren’t strapped in. (like when you’re exiting the chairlift) It will act as a steady spot on which to rest your unbound back foot.

Where does a stomp pad go?

Your stomp pad should be placed on top of your board, just in front of your back binding for easy placement of the foot that is not strapped in. Before attaching the stomp pad, try standing on your board with your boots on and observing where your back foot naturally rests. The stomp pad should lie in the center of your back boot. Some riders like their stomp pads more toward the middle of their boards, some like it up against their back binding. Everybody is different but once you attach your pad, rearranging it probably won’t be an option and you want your stance to feel as natural as possible.

How do you attach a stomp pad?

Your stomp pad will likely come with directions, but the majority are attached in a similar fashion. Stomp pads have a very sticky adhesive on the bottom which, once suctioned to your board, is designed to stay put so it doesn’t fall off while you’re out on the slopes. After deciding where you want your stomp pad placed, you’ll want to clean your board and dry it thoroughly with a material that won’t leave residue behind. Try to avoid getting any particles trapped under the stomp pad. Remove the protector from the underside of the stomp pad and stick it where you want it, ideally leaving a heavy object on it for 24 hours to let it set.

Tip: It’s important to make sure your board is room temperature when you attach the stomp pad. If it has been sitting in a cold car all night, it might not stick. You can use a hair dryer to heat the desired spot on the board as well as the adhesive for extra stick.

Where can you find a stomp pad?

Most local ski retailers such as Christy Sports will carry stomp pads. Or, you can shop them online. Well-known snowboard brands like Burton and Volcom produce them. Or, choose a brand that specializes in stomp pads. Whatever you choose, you can head up the lift or across a cat walk confident in the board beneath your feet!