Men's Winter Jackets at Christy Sports

Gentlemen: Did you know you can stay warm in the winter months while simultaneously raising the fashion bar? Here in Colorado, especially, the laid-back winter look is the wardrobe of choice for many men when the temperatures plummet. We are proposing a jacket that keeps you cozy by toting all the bells and whistles whilst also looking impossibly good.

That’s right, you heard us: get in the winter fashion game AND take advantage of the latest temperature-resistant technology. While Christy Sports is all about getting guests geared up for a great winter on the slopes, we understand the importance of staying warm and dry walking down the street as well. Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with looking good doing it and still not breaking the bank!

Our Favorite Men’s Winter Jackets

  1. Prana Showdown Jacket– $169.00

Prana Men's Winter Jacket

Prana produces “Yoga, Travel, and Adventure clothes with a conscience.” This jacket may LOOK like a flannel but we’re telling you folks, it’s much more. Insulated with RDS down and equipped with toasty features such as side pocket hand warmers, the Showdown Jacket is ready to show winter who’s boss. And did we mention it looks like a flannel?

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  1. Prana Wooley Jacket– $149.00

Prana Men's Winter Jacket

Another Prana favorite for an equally slick look at a slightly lower price point, the Wooley Jacket promises quick-drying synthetic insulation and a shell rendered from recycled wool. (What is more handsome than supporting our environment?) The jacket comes in a cool black for ultimate color coordination, because clashing is a detriment to fashion.

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  1. Marmot Burdell Jacket– $175.00

    Marmot Men's Winter Jacket

If you asked us which shines brighter on this jacket, its look or its function, we may have to sleep on it. Lightweight yet featuring a 600 Fill Down with Down Defender, the Burdell Jacket will both turn heads and keep your body warm. Down Defender might sound like a comic book superhero, but it’s really Marmot’s specially treated down, making it more durable and water resistant. We also can’t get enough of this unique yet neutral color.

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  1. Kuhl Insulated Jacket– $175.00

Kuhl Men's Winter Jacket

The warmest option on our list, the back panel of this jacket totes an impressive 800-fill goose down insulation for those especially chilly days or colder climates. Combine that with an extra layer of insulation and a micro suede interior collar and you’ve got yourself some serious protection from the elements. This jacket could be compared to a mullet if mullets were fashionable- simple wool in the front and a paneled party in the back to create an overall charming wintertime wearable.

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Nugget of Knowledge: Insulation Types

Wondering about the difference between down insulation and synthetic insulation, such as that found in the Prana Wooley Jacket? You aren’t alone, so let’s break it “down.”

Down Insulation

Down insulation is retrieved from the under feathers of ducks and geese and is known for adding extreme warmth to jackets while keeping them light and breathable. Down has a higher weight-to-warmth ratio than synthetic insulation and therefore generally produces a higher price tag. Down Fill Power is a term used to refer to the down’s ability to trap heat. To keep it simple and as math-free as possible, the higher the fill power, the more able the down is to trap heat.

Synthetic Insulation

Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, is generally made from polyester and is slightly more water-resistant than it’s down counterpart. While jackets featuring synthetic insulation are often a bit heavier than those using down, they are a great hypoallergenic option and can usually be purchased at a lower price-point.