Never Summer Industries

Just as snow can be seen on the peaks of the Never Summer Mountains all year round, the spirit of snowboarding is kept alive throughout the year on the Front Range thanks to the presence of a brand sharing the same name. Never Summer Industries is the brainchild of the Canaday brothers and the product of years of passion, experimentation and the determination to design boards that push the limits of durability and performance. These traits, combined with the commitment to make each Never Summer board by hand in Colorado, have allowed the company to create snowboards that people around the world love to ride.

Never Summer Hybrid Camber Profile

Never Summer Hybrid Camber

Never Summer places a lot of value on innovation, which is a key reason that the brand has thrived throughout the ups and downs experienced by the rest of the industry. For example, Never Summer is to thank for hybrid camber technology, which has become a fundamental snowboard profile in many brands’ product lines. The U.S. patent office is happy to verify Never Summer’s impact on the industry, as the company holds a patent for hybrid camber, as well as several other advancements that have revolutionized snowboarding.

Never Summer’s ability to innovate, combined with its strict quality control standards, has allowed it to further push the snowsports industry by manufacturing products for local ski brands. Icelantic Skis, among others, utilizes the Never Summer factory to produce all of its skis by hand. For the few months that snow can only be found on the Never Summer Mountains, the company makes a line of handmade longboards that carry the same standards for quality as its winter products.

Never Summer Snowboards - Christy Sports

Christy Sports is proud to carry Never Summer at many locations.

When it comes to distributing its products, Never Summer selects its retailers with extreme care. The brand chooses one retailer in a given area to be the exclusive dealer of its products. Not only is Never Summer dedicated to its standards for quality, but also to the companies in which it chooses to sell its products. It is for this reason that we are proud, as a fellow Denver-based business, to be the exclusive partner of Never Summer snowboards in many areas across the Rocky Mountain region.

The Canaday brothers have always focused on creating snowboards that offer something different, something unique. It’s for this reason that Never Summer is such a point of pride for Coloradans, and really, anyone that loves snowboarding. Needless to say, the Never Summer team will continue to innovate, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. In the meantime, check out this season’s lineup of Never Summer snowboards at Christy Sports.