Ski boot fitters gather around for Christy Sports' Boot Fit Training

Christy Sports Boot Fit Training

Ski boots are far from Cinderella’s glass slipper. Your Christy Sports boot fitter won’t slip a boot on your foot and cross their fingers it fits. Hours of training and development go into breeding boot fitters who leverage their expertise while putting the customers’ needs first to create an experience that is enjoyable both on the slopes and in the shop.

Throughout our shops in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Washington, are individuals highly trained in the art of gearing guests up for their best day on the mountain skiing or boarding. We strongly believe the greatest gear set up starts with a boot that fits flawlessly. Our boot fitters go through hours of training and hold years of experience under their boot buckles.

One such facet of development? Our annual boot fit training, held on the Front Range and in the mountains and ran by our Ski Boot Buyer, Joe Liefer. The training is focused on reiterating important aspects of the ski boot fit process to our expert boot fitters and teaching them new tidbits to enhance the customer experience and help create comfort and longevity on the mountain. The training, held in October just before ski season ramps up, is just one example of the time and energy spent making sure our boot fitters can stand behind their work in the shop in order to give you two comfortable feet to stand on among the slopes.

Don’t Let Your Ski Boots Ruin Your Day

Our Boot Fit Guarantee is a crucial value add of purchasing ski boots through Christy Sports. We won’t just sell you a boot, we’ll make sure it WORKS for you, allowing our guests to head into any Christy Sports to have their boots tweaked following purchase if they aren’t living up to expectations. We have slope-side stores at almost every major resort in Colorado and Utah, meaning you can head in to consult a boot expert the second you need an adjustment. Come place your feet in our highly competent hands!

In this series of posts, we’re covering one of our annual boot fit trainings, where some of our most skilled boot fitters have the chance to brush up on their craft and experts in the field show newer boot fitters the ropes in a hands-on environment. Learn just how much time and effort is put behind placing boot fitters in our store that can ensure your time on the mountain is as enjoyable as possible. Stay tuned! 

Bob Gleason talks to Christy Sports boot fitters.

Bob Gleason educates Christy Sports boot fitters.