Christy Sports boot fitter camp.

Christy Sports is committed to offering each customer that walks through our shop doors the chance to find their best ski boot fit ever. The company holds an annual boot fit training, where gurus provide hands-on training for our boot fitters, veterans and rookies alike. Our boot fitters spend ample time in ski and snowboard boots of their own, practicing what they preach when it comes to providing the most comfortable day on the mountain possible for our guests.

Joe Liefer, ski boot buyer and leader of the Christy Sports boot fit training, recognized the unmatched benefit of including experts on the art of boot fitting, who preach the importance of a great ski boot fit on and off the slopes. The boot fitter training this October was led by some of the best in the their field, from pioneers in the industry, to boot fitters with years of rich experience putting guests’ feet in their hands.

Meet the Leaders

Bob GleasonBootDoctors founder Bob Gleason.

Bob Gleason has been in the boot fitting industry since it took shape, jokingly coining the term for himself “Old and with high mileage.” We prefer to say highly experienced and a wealth of knowledge in the fitting of ski boots. Working for Hanson Ski Boots, Gleason began running ski mechanics clinics in 1977 where he taught ski industry personnel boot fitting, mounting and adjusting ski bindings, and information on ski design and performance. He has made a name for himself as one of the best ski boot fitters in the country.

Bob Gleason ran with his extensive knowledge of and love for the ski industry and founded BootDoctors, a prominent ski shop in Telluride and Toas, in 1986. Gleason stressed that boot fitting is an “art” and a “craft” and plays a pivotal role in a skier’s enjoyment of their time on the mountain. As of 2017, Christy Sports is proud to call BootDoctors’ ski legacy a part of the Christy Sports family. When Bob isn’t taking ski trips, testing the latest ski gear, or hitting the slopes in his Telluride home, he’s passing his knowledge along to his new family members. Bob warned, as he took off his shoes, that his feet may be a little rough due to recently completing his 22nd trek through the Grand Canyon and a colorful trip to Burning man.

Mike Shaw & Bob OlsenMike Shaw and Bob Olsen of DFP.

Mike Shaw is the Partner and CEO of DFP, or Dynamic Foot Positioning, a company that “blends art, science, and action” producing insoles to enhance the comfort of many activities, most notably skiing. Mike, who is a certified pedorthist, entered the ski business in 1976 as an employee of Sport Stalker (rolled into Christy Sports) in Snowbird. He went on to run the Aspen and Steamboat stores before starting DFP in 1995. When DFP began partnering with Christy Sports in 2009, Shaw stated “Having worked with more than two-thirds of the U.S. Ski Team in providing them with DFP insoles, we are confident that Christy Sport’s customers will receive the same benefits as Olympic athletes by helping them improve their performance and enjoy a more comfortable experience.”

Bob Olsen is the director of athlete services for DFP, meaning he molds insoles for some of the shining stars in the ski world. Olsen has also held in his highly competent hands the feet of U.S. Ski Team members like Ted Ligety, as the former World Cup boot tech for Rossignol. His ski industry experience really took off in the mid 90’s when he spent time with Rossignol, and has worked with a plethora of ski companies since. Bob also runs a race centric ski shop called the Mount Hood Alpine Racing Center in OR. He said the DFP Product is racer-tested by some of the best athletes in the ski world, but trickles down to the family of skiers looking to fully enjoy their time on the mountain.

Kyle GrowChristy Sports boot fitter Kyle Grow.

Kyle Grow is originally from Minnesota and his first job at 16 was at a ski shop delving into the art of matching the eager guest with the right gear for their time out on the mountain. He is currently the hardgoods supervisor at Christy Sports Park Meadows and has worked at Christy Sports for over eight years. This will be Kyle’s 30th season snowboarding. While Kyle actually prefers slipping his feet into snowboard boots, he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the way ski boots should fit and the master of fixes for when they don’t.

Stay tuned to learn even more about what our boot fitters learned from these legendary leaders!