Ski bibs are back in style.

They’re Backkk

You’ve probably seen them as of late- out on the mountain, hangin’ in your favorite ski shop, or adorning the subjects of epic ski photos on social media. No, you have not exited a time machine, BIBS ARE BACK. What are bibs? Ski bibs are insulated snow pants that go above & beyond to cover your chest and back. (think overalls for shredders) They are intended to be worn over a base layer and under a ski jacket but however you want to sport them is your prerogative!

Picture it: the perfect bluebird day, untouched powder, short lift lines, and pants fallin’ down? Nobody has time for that. We say seize the day with your pants secured! It’s no wonder this lift look has made it epic return. Keep the snow where it belongs with added protection and insulation north of your waist line, perfect for chasing pow. (or taking that unfortunate digger) Check out some of our favorite men’s and ladies’ ski bibs!

Men’s Ski Bibs

Ladies’ Ski Bibs

Ready to take a [warm and dry] ride on the trend train? Check out more bibs online at Christy Sports or pop into one of our stores to slip one on for yourself!