Best Women’s Ski 2019-2020 season


Summer is the perfect time to buy last season skis, so we’ve narrowed down the top 5 rated skis for women and what makes them so top 5. If you are in the market for some new skis, ladies, then look no further –at these 5 ripping women’s skis that are on sale right now!


  1. Head Kore 99 W


This ski is perfect for the women who wants to rip around on the groomers on those perfect blue bird days but don’t be fooled by its lightweight design! This ski can rip the groomers but then on those days with the fresh powder these skis will be exactly what anyone could’ve wanted. The women’s kore has the same internal design as the men’s, so this ski is meant to go fast and maintain an edge control. The only real difference between the men’s and the women’s, beside the obvious graphics, the mounting point on the ski is moved 2cm forward because women distribute their weight differently. This ski can take you anywhere on the mountain you want to go.


  1. Nordica Santa Ana 93


This ski is beautiful and balanced to get you everywhere you want to go on the mountain. This ski has the narrowest waist in the Santa Ana collection, it has a tighter turn radius allowing you whip around all over the mountain. The lightweight material in the ski makes it so it is very responsive and easy to maneuver. This ski will maintain great edge control allowing you to feel confident while initiating any kind of turn. The early rise tip and tale rocker profile will allow you to enjoy powder days on these skis. This ski is perfect for anyone who likes to get out and take charge of the skis!


  1. Salomon QST Lux 92


The QST Lux 92 is the perfect middle ground in the women’s QST series. This ski is quick edge to edge yet very stable with the higher speeds. The light weigh design will help you build your confidence anywhere on the mountain. The all mountain rocker profile on this ski will allow you to take it from the front side steep groomers to your favorite bump run on the mountain with no issues. Your trusted freeride ski companion from powder to groomers.  This ski is known for its power, stability, and agility. This is a great ski for a one ski quiver.


  1. Volkl Secret 102


The Secret 102 from this year comes with some extra strength from the Titanal Frame and the Carbon Tips. This will help the ski hold its edge but help absorb any chatter you may encounter on the mountain. These skis have a very diverse ski edge allows the ski almost to fully adapt to your ski edge angle and speed. Allowing you to feel the most stable on your ski edge no matter the conditions. This ski is perfect to take anywhere on the mountain from the steep and deep to the ins and outs of the trees. This is great ski for someone looking to explore every possibility on the mountain.

  1. Elan Ripstick 94 W


This ski is perfectly tuned for women, no matter what kind of skier you are. The freeride feeling of the Ripstick will allow you adventure: front side, back side, chutes, steeps, and trees. This ski with its amphibio design will give the progressive women the ski she wants and needs to conquer anything the mountain has to offer. The amphibio design is a combination of both rocker and camber profiles which makes you have a right and left ski design. This means the inside edge is longer allowing for more stability driving through your turns and the shorter edge on the outside of the ski allow it to be more forgiving and easier to maneuver. This ski is perfect for the women looking to explore every aspect of the mountain with grace and style.


These are the top 5 skis for women for the 2019-2020 ski season. We here at Christy Sports are proud to carry each and every one, along with a larger verity if skis with different styles and shapes for the ladies. Check us out online or in a store to find the perfect on sale women’s ski now!