Best Men’s Skis of 2019-2020 


Mid-summer is the best time to buy last season skis, so we’ve broken down the top 5 rated skis for men and what exactly makes them so wonderful. If you are in the market for some new skis, then you’re in the right place – take a look at these 5 amazing skis currently on sale at Christy Sports right now!


1. Salomon QST 99


The Salomon QST 99 is a great all-mountain ski, meaning this ski is a one and done kind of deal. The 99mm width waist will allow you to ski frontside groomers but also enjoy floating through some fresh new powder. One of the noticeable characteristics of the Salomon QST 99 is the rocker in the tip, which really allows you drive that ski into the snow. The camber underfoot is going to give you the stability to carve the ski down the mountain with confidence. The turn radius on the ski is 19 meters for the length of a 174 cm ski meaning you can have a wide range of skiing styles. Whether you love big, long, leisurely turns or ripping short, fast turns, this ski will do it all for you.


2. Head Kore 99


The Head Kore is an industry-standard that has been on the top 5 list since it’s release date. This ski has a lightweight all-mountain design to get you anywhere you want to go on the mountain. The 99mm underfoot is the perfect width for an all-mountain ski, there is nowhere this ski can’t take you. With this ski, Head is proud to introduce Graphene technology, a Nobel Prize-winning material that is one of the thinnest, strongest, and most lightweight in the industry. This makes the Head Kore strong and sturdy, but very lightweight. This ski is ideal for the all-mountain ripper.


3. Atomic Bent Chetler 100


The Atomic Bent Chetler 100 is the most versatile ski in the Bent Chetler collection. This is a great all mountain that just wants to be on the snow. This ski can withstand any conditions, whether the snow is soft powder or hardpack. The lightweight wood core allows this ski to have an easy swing weight while the full sidewall allows for the ski to really carve into the snow. This ski has almost no rocker in the tail allowing for more of the edges to contact the snow giving you a sturdier and better grip. Not to mention the cool hand-drawn graphic by pro skier and designer Chris Benchetler himself. 


4. K2 Mindbender 99 Ti 


The K2 Mindbender 99 Ti the perfect one ski quiver. The Ti Y-Beam technology delivers accuracy throughout the forebody of the ski, creating responsiveness that allows you to feel totally in control. This ski is going to be quick edge-to-edge yet fun and poppy. With the sidewall of this ski making its way to the core there is a transmission of energy from the skier to the ski edge, this allows for the skiers turns to be direct and precise out on the snow. Looking for more from K2? Be sure to check out our full lineup of K2 men’s skis.  


5. Nordica Enforcer 100


Season after season Nordica finds a way to revamp and bring the Enforcer back for more. This Nordica men’s ski produces an incredible all-mountain performance that is almost guaranteed to bring loads of smiles to your face in any condition. The full wood core and two sheets of metal are the perfect combinations of smooth skiing and reliable stability. The Nordica Enforcer 100 has the perfect early rise in the tip and slight rocker in the tail to allow this ski to give you the confidence you need to charge down the mountain through any terrain. These skis are smooth, powerful, and playful allowing you to have a great time anywhere on the mountain. 


Midsummer heat has everyone missing the mountain, and if you’re in the market for new skis there’s no better time to capitalize on off-season deals! We carry a wide variety of men’s skis at Christy Sports and this list only scratches the surface. Be sure to check out our full product offering with a large selection of women’s and junior gear.