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Save Money Skiing and Snowboarding

At their most elemental, skiing and snowboarding are all about having fun. A reality of having this fun, however, is that it can cost money. Pioneering ski filmmaker Warren Miller famously put it this way, “The family that skis together, goes broke together.” But, It doesn’t have to be this way. Tip #1: Rent Before […]

Christy Kids Ski Deals

Hey parents! Are you ready to save some significant money on your children’s skiing and snowboarding this winter? That’s a silly question, because as any skiing or snowboarding parent will tell you, we’re always looking for ways to save money. And that’s why if you’ve got kids ages 14 and under, you should take a […]

Colorado Ski Country USA 5th Grade Passport Program

Fifth grade is a funny year. In most places, fifth graders rule the school. They are the big kids, twice as tall as the Kindergarteners, with an edge on everyone else, both in terms of stature and wisdom. Yet fifth graders are also on the cusp of Middle School, with its unknowns and transitions from […]

Season Ski Rentals

Psst…Want to know a ski mom secret? Two words: Season Rentals. In my opinion, nothing makes getting the family on snow easier than renting ski and snowboard equipment, just one time, for the entire season. Here’s why. Ease and Convenience As you’ve probably discovered, it takes a lot of gear to outfit just one skier, […]