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Atomic Skis at Christy Sports

Atomic is an Austrian company that has been manufacturing skis, and manufacturing them well, for over 50 years. Since Atomic only makes skis and not snowboards, the brand can truly focus on the art of their craft. Craig Peterson, seasoned Ski Hardgoods buyer for Christy Sports, weighs in on Atomic and the brand’s value to […]

Ski Pants for Tall People

Ski pants, like any clothing, are not a one-size-fits-all deal. You are especially familiar with this truth if you are a taller-than-average or shorter-then-average human who enjoys hitting the slopes. Some brands have made ski pants in varying lengths keeping in mind that each one of us skiers and boarders is a unique snowflake. If […]

Ski bibs are back in style.

They’re Backkk You’ve probably seen them as of late- out on the mountain, hangin’ in your favorite ski shop, or adorning the subjects of epic ski photos on social media. No, you have not exited a time machine, BIBS ARE BACK. What are bibs? Ski bibs are insulated snow pants that go above & beyond […]