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Mountain Boarding

Do you crave the thrill of snowboarding all year long? You’re not alone, but you might be an adrenaline junkie. When the snow melts, some adrenaline addicts trade out their snowboards for mountain boards (part skateboard, part snowboard) to participate in the little-known sport of mountain boarding. This activity is essentially snowboarding sans the snow, […]

Lone Star Sports- Breckenridge Ski Rental & Repair The wood-clad entrance marked with a Lone Star Sports sign is a familiar site to both Breck locals and those that have been ski-cationing in the beautiful town of Breckenridge year after year. Now part of the Christy Sports family, the ski shop’s rich history invites patrons […]

Our Team USA pride is ski-high at the conclusion of this year’s Winter Olympics. As we watched skiers and snowboarders from all over the world take center-slope, we couldn’t help but be proud of how many of USA’s athletes reign from our home state. Colorado sent 35 athletes to this year’s Games, more than any […]

Perhaps you’ve heard Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog, saw his shadow, indicating six more weeks of winter. For us and our fun-loving fans, that means many more days of hitting the slopes in Colorado! Amidst the brisk buzz, we couldn’t be more excited to announce a new addition to our family of Front Range […]

Arguably the most anticipated sporting event in the world is fast-approaching and we couldn’t be more excited that the games in Korea will take place primarily on ice and snow, our bread and butter! As we prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics, learn about some of the brands taking center stage for team USA. Winter […]

Men's Winter Jackets at Christy Sports

Gentlemen: Did you know you can stay warm in the winter months while simultaneously raising the fashion bar? Here in Colorado, especially, the laid-back winter look is the wardrobe of choice for many men when the temperatures plummet. We are proposing a jacket that keeps you cozy by toting all the bells and whistles whilst […]

Our loyal customers countdown each year to Powder Daze and new Christy Sports customers delight in learning what all the buzz is about. This is because Powder Daze is their chance to score insane deals on ski and snowboard gear and apparel and secure ski passes for less! It’s the perfect way to get geared up […]

Christy Sports is excited to be expanding and demonstrating all we have to offer to guests in new areas! That’s why we could hardly wait for our 3rd location in Park City, Utah to unlock its doors. Great news! Our brand new Park City Christy Sports in Kimball Junction is NOW OPEN! In the summer, […]