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Ski bibs are back in style.

They’re Backkk You’ve probably seen them as of late- out on the mountain, hangin’ in your favorite ski shop, or adorning the subjects of epic ski photos on social media. No, you have not exited a time machine, BIBS ARE BACK. What are bibs? Ski bibs are insulated snow pants that go above & beyond […]

Christy Sports Boot fit Camp

Not Your Typical Training During Christy Sports’ annual boot fit training, Joe Liefer opens the day with a celebratory recognition of the company’s 60th Anniversary, showcasing the value and the history of our industry experience.The boot fitters then broke into groups with experienced leaders to focus on specific facets of boot fitting Once the star-worthy […]

Christy Sports boot fitter camp.

Christy Sports is committed to offering each customer that walks through our shop doors the chance to find their best ski boot fit ever. The company holds an annual boot fit training, where gurus provide hands-on training for our boot fitters, veterans and rookies alike. Our boot fitters spend ample time in ski and snowboard […]

Ski boot fitters gather around for Christy Sports' Boot Fit Training

Christy Sports Boot Fit Training Ski boots are far from Cinderella’s glass slipper. Your Christy Sports boot fitter won’t slip a boot on your foot and cross their fingers it fits. Hours of training and development go into breeding boot fitters who leverage their expertise while putting the customers’ needs first to create an experience […]

Nine 2018/2019 Ski and Snowboard Clothing Trends

Clothing tech trends eb and flow out on the slopes just as in everyday life. Whether your goal is looking sharp as you fly down runs or staying warm and hydrated on the lift, fashion or function, we’re here to keep you in the know out on the snow. We sat down with our entire […]

Ski Resort Opening Dates 2019

With Autumn already in full swing, the crisp, cooler mornings and shorter days remind us Winter is right around the corner. And, according to the 2019 Farmers Almanac, this winter is predicted to be a teeth-chattering cold one with plenty of snow. That’s great news for skiers and snowboarders!! So, if you’ve been waiting to trade […]