Ski Socks

As you gather up your gear for the season, it is easy to forget about ski socks. People think “It doesn’t matter; I’ll just use my everyday Hanes, right?”  This is a sentence heard all too often by Boot Fitters.  Here is the lowdown on why you should tighten up your sock game.

1. One pair of ski socks is warmer than two

images (1)Two layers in your ski or board boot whether it is an extra sock, leggings, or under layer can cause hot spots due to friction and bunching up.  By the end of the day that slight discomfort from a crease in your layers can turn into a bruise.  The fit of any athletic boot is designed for one sock, adding an additional layer can compress your foot and cut off circulation and blood flow ultimately making your feet numb and cold.


Best-Ski-Socks2. The thinner the better

It is a common miss conception that a thicker sock will keep you warmer; this is not always the case.  In a ski or snowboard boot you want a tight, athletic fit (tighter than your street shoes). A thick sock will take up all the volume in your boot, a thin sock will allow the air between your foot and the liner to warm up.  This will ultimately keep your feet warm.


3. Cotton is the enemy

Cotton is not the ideal material for cold, wet weather.  Cotton clothing can absorb water and sweat up to 27 times their weight. Once your socks are wet, they’ll take forever to dry out and will cool your body.  Merino wool is the ideal material for winter that keeps your body cool in hot temperatures and warm in cold temperatures.  Merino wool will wick away water and keep you dry.


If you have anything to add to this, or have any questions about which ski socks are right for you, reach out to us in the comments below!