Season Ski Rentals

Psst…Want to know a ski mom secret?

Two words: Season Rentals.

In my opinion, nothing makes getting the family on snow easier than renting ski and snowboard equipment, just one time, for the entire season.

Here’s why.

Ease and Convenience

As you’ve probably discovered, it takes a lot of gear to outfit just one skier, let alone a family.

Starting with clothing, here’s what each person needs:

• Long underwear/base layers
• Ski socks
• Fleece/medium weight sweater
• Ski pants
• Ski coat
• Mittens/gloves
• Helmet
• Goggles

And while you may have some of these items already, chances are you don’t have extra skis or snowboards lying around.

That’s where season rentals come in.

Season rentals are equipment packages that you rent in the fall and return in the spring.

Rather than taking time to rent skis or a snowboard each time you ski or ride, you go through the process just one time and you’re done. The ski and snowboard equipment is yours to use, as many times as you want, all ski season long.

Ski packages include skis, bindings, boots and poles, while snowboard packages include a board, bindings and boots.

All gear is professionally fit by experienced ski techs, so you get exactly what you need, in the appropriate size.

It couldn’t be easier.

Quality and Service

Season Ski Rentals 2Sure, you may have a friend or relative with some skis you can borrow. Or, maybe you’ve got plans to peruse yard sales until you find snowboards to fit your kids.

But both of these strategies are risky.

Skis and boots, like snowboards and boots, wear out over time. Buying used equipment isn’t a bad idea if you know what you’re looking for and looking at, but most of us don’t have that level of expertise, especially when it comes to evaluating bindings.

With season rentals, you and your family get professionally tuned and maintained equipment from reputable brands.

This season Christy Sports is renting Volkl, Rossignol and K2 skis, along with Burton and Ride snowboards. For boots, you’re looking at Salomon and Tecnica.

Plus, if you rent for the season from Christy Sports, you get free tune-ups at any Christy Sports location.

This is important because skis and snowboards work best with well-maintained bases and sharpened edges. Each time you ski or ride, some base wax wears off and the edges dull. Having the skis or board tuned mid-season makes riding that much more fun, and easier, for the rest of the season.

Value and Flexibility

In addition to ease and quality, season ski and snowboard rentals make good financial sense, especially if you’re outfitting kids or you are new to either sport.

Kids grow and they don’t always grow at convenient times. With season rentals you can trade in any item that is suddenly too small.

This means if your son’s feet grow two sizes between October and March, you can trade in his rental boots for a bigger size, at no additional cost.

This also means that if your daughter is progressing quickly, racing right past the green beginner slopes and ripping up the blues (or blacks), you can trade in her short beginner skis for something more suited to her growing abilities.

You can even switch your kids from skiing to snowboarding or snowboarding to skiing, if they suddenly decide they want to try the other sport.

Even more importantly, kids can be fickle. While we all hope our kids will love skiing or snowboarding, there is no guarantee. Junior ski and snowboard rentals starting at $99 for kids are a great value, whether your kids end up riding five days, or fifty.

Finally, if you ever have any concerns with the equipment you’ve rented, stop into any Christy Sports and they will take care of the issue at no additional cost.

Not Just For Kids

Denver Season Ski RentalsFor all the reasons season rentals make sense for kids, they also make sense for adults.

If you’re an adult who is new to snow sports, Christy Sports has you covered with season rentals as well. Expect the same professional fitting and service that’s extended to kids. Look for the same top equipment brands, and enjoy the same ease and flexibility.

Whether you’re 6 or 60, if you’re not 100% ready to commit to buying all of your ski or snowboard gear, season rentals will save you money and give you a solid foundation upon which to learn and build new skills.

Want to know one more ski mom secret, one that comes with getting your family outfitted for a season of skiing and riding?

Three words: Best Winter Ever.


Season ski and snowboard equipment rentals are available at Colorado Front Range and Salt Lake City Christy Sports locations on September 25, 2015. This season, junior rentals, for kids ages 3-16, start at $99, while adult rentals start at $159. Season rentals are available, in store-only, at all metro area Christy Sports in Colorado and Utah.

Rental packages are available only until November 22, 2015 and must be returned by April 14, 2016. Since rentals often sell out, it’s a great idea to get yours now.