Thankful For Snowboarding Becuase

Each Thanksgiving, my family and I gather around a table full of delicious home-cooked dishes as we all share what we are thankful for. I look at my dear elders and say I’m thankful for my family, for good health, and whisper under my breath “..and for snowboarding.” I don’t know what I would be doing right now if it weren’t for snowboarding, so this year I have to say:

I’m thankful for snowboarding because…

1. Fresh, untouched, deep powder.
2. It reminds me not to take life too seriously.
3. I get to see the sunrise every morning on my drive up to the mountains.
4. I truly experience what it means to be stoked.
5. It gives me a greater respect and appreciation for nature.
6. It teaches me to get up when I fall down, literally and metaphorically.
7. It forces me to unplug from technology.
8. It keeps me in shape.
9. It pushes me to go beyond my limits… and sometimes ropes.
10. I get to share it with some of my best friends.
11. Fresh mountain air.
12. It clears my mind.
13. It challenges me to set new goals for myself.
14. It gives me the desire to try new things like surfing, wakeboarding, and longboarding.
15. When the lifts stop, Happy Hour starts.
16. I found my passion. Snowboarding is bae.
17. It takes me places I otherwise never would have thought to go.
18. It brings people together.
19. It’s given us the classics, like Out Cold and the opening clip from Extreme Days
20. It makes me happy.

Why are you thankful for snowboarding or skiing? Give thanks in the comments below.