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Ski Resort Closing Day Events

Ski Resort Closing Day Events

If you’re like most ski and ride enthusiasts you dread the talk about “closing day”, but don’t fear, the fun isn’t over just yet.  It’s time to break out the...

Best Ski Town Breweries

The Best Rocky Mountain Ski Town Breweries

It is next to impossible to say the words “ski” or “snowboard” without the word “beer” following closely behind.  So you have your gear ready to go, you decided on...

Ski Trip Travel Tips

How To Plan The Perfect Ski Trip

One of my favorite parts of winter is our annual family ski trip. While we ski most winter weekends (a definite perk of living in Colorado), spring break is when...

Ski Trip Essentials for Spring Break

Spring Break Ski Trip Essentials

Packing for a trip is difficult, but packing for a ski trip can be a daunting task. It can seem impossible to know what you will truly need to enjoy...

Skiing and Snowboarding's Hottest Couples

Skiing and Snowboarding’s Hottest Couples

We all follow the latest news from celebrity couples like Kim and Kanye or Kate and Will, whether we want to or not, but what about the couples in our...


A Guide to Ski Lingo

Maybe you are new to the sport of skiing or you have been a ripper for years.  Either way, as with any sport, there is a certain lingo or language...

Burton Riglet

Burton Riglet: Teaching Kids To Snowboard, First.

Let’s set the record straight – Kids do not have to learn to ski before they can snowboard anymore. There seems to be this unwritten law that kids have to...

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Ruby Hill Rail Yard – Denver’s Public Terrain Park

Every park and pipe rat has dreamt of building their own backyard set up, but without well made features and a measurable source of snow, it’s hard to create something...

Where to buy a ski condo in colorado

Top 4 Places to Buy a Ski Condo in Colorado

While the word vacation evokes palm trees and white sandy beaches in some minds, others flock to the vast mountains of Colorado for snow chasing and thrill-seeking. Purchasing a ski...

Tips For Teaching Kids How To Ski

5 Tips for Teaching Young Kids How to Ski

The first time my husband and I took our three-year old son skiing, we made a rookie mistake. We thought we were prepared. We put ski boots on his soft,...

Ski Gifts

Ski and Snowboard Gifts You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you have all the ski and snowboard gear you think you need, but you still want more and you’re not sure what to put in your letter to Santa,...

The Ladd Boys

Athlete Report: The Ladd Boys

We love supporting local talent at Christy Sports. Recently we got to catch up with The Ladd Boys, Noah (16), Dylan (14), and Connor (12), after they won a rail...